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Meet Dr Jamie Christie - Independent for Bean

Friday, March 29, 2019

I've never been a member of any political party, or even been to a political meeting.

I've been a salaried community hospital doctor for 30 years.

I'm resigning to stand as an Independent in the Federal Election in the ACT.

I know a bit about Canberra.

I don't know much about Norfolk Island, but I'm coming to try and find out.

I'll be at 

The Bowling Club Tuesday April 2nd 

The Paradise Deck Wednesday April 3rd

The RSL Thursday April 4th 

from 5:30 -7:30, or longer if people want to talk.

Hope to meet you there.

Jamie Christie

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Bernie 90th Birthday

Thursday, March 07, 2019

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Meet Clive and Lorelle Plater

Friday, July 06, 2018

Clive and Lorelle have been regular visitors to Norfolk since 1984 and were recently here for Bounty Day, their 16th time to Norfolk and their forth in as many years. Clive and Lorelle are great supporters of Norfolk Islanders in their quest for self-determination. Many readers may be familiar through Facebook with the signs they have erected on their 10 acre property at Eudlo, Queensland. Clive also takes every opportunity available to write letters and articles for local newspapers to raise awareness of the issues facing Norfolk Islanders.

Clive and Lorelle were first attracted to Norfolk because it was a safe place to bring young children. On their first visit their daughter was three years old and Clive’s mother and father came along. A son had come along by the 1988 visit then four grandchildren by the family’s 2013 visit for Clive’s 60th birthday. Clive said, ‘Norfolk is like home to us, especially with all the friends we have made over recent years having spent many hours at the ‘Tent Embassy’ during our past three visits’.

A highlight of this year’s visit was viewing construction of one of the new lighters by John Christian-Bailey and his team. ‘No matter how many times one visits Norfolk there is always something to see, I have taken thousands of photos over the years and say on each visit that I won’t need to take many photos but 2018 saw another 600 photos taken’, Clive said.

Clive retired from civil engineering in October 2017 after 47 years in the industry and Norfolk is now ‘locked in’ for an annual visit. For 2019 Clive and Lorelle are planning to commemorate ANZAC Day on Norfolk. One of Clive’s uncles was killed in World War II and for the past 30 years Clive has driven veterans in one of his Jeeps at the Nambour ANZAC Day parade but he has ‘taken leave’ for a few years to experience ANZAC Day at other locations.

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