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The Golf Report

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Where did January go? The day and months just get faster.  With the "Olive Cafe" Monthly Medal & Lisner Trophy upon us again today and the 2019 Veterans Tournament beginning next week this month is also going to whizz past us, and then it will be Easter!

We are all praying for rain to help the Golf course but more importantly put some water back in our tanks.  A big thanks to Jason and Neil for keeping the course in as good a condition as it is under extreme conditions.

The Annual Presentation Day is being held tomorrow (Sunday) lunch time at "Dino's Restaurant" Bomboras Rd, at 12.30pm.

                                              Competition Results:

A very good roll up of players for last Saturday's golf, “BJ’s Jewellers" Day and a very big thank you to Ashley for your very generous sponsorship again.  The play of the day was a 4BBB Stableford with big fields for both morning and afternoon and with warm and sunny conditions for all.  Tommy Greenwood and Caroline Miratana won the day with an excellent 49 pt's with Clayton O'Connor & Shane Evans coming in 2nd place with 47 pt's on a c/b to Robyn & Bruce Lockhart in 3rd on another c/b to James Walden & Aidan Bruce.

The Pro-Pin 4th went to James Walden [260cm], the All-In 9/18th Brad Tierney [358cm], the Ladies 2nd shot to 6/15th [not struck] and the Men's 2nd shot to 1/10th Don Johnston [145cm].

The "Island Plumbing & Gas" Putt Off began its climb again and today will be $30.

Our Annual "Business House Day" was held on the Australia Day Public Holiday.  This is the day we give thanks to our very generous sponsors and it was pleasing to see another good turn out for the 4 person 9 Hole Ambrose.  Winning the day were the team of "Tierney Electrical" consisting of Brad Tierney, Kerry Robertson, Arty Keeping and Ali Clark with a score of 27.13 nett from NI Mechanical and the team of Dave Jeffreys, Paul Brown, Eric Hutchinson & Glenn Elder with 27.75 nett.  3rd place went to the team of Mal [Figgy] Rundle, Matt Kelly, Dylan Quintal-Christian & Taj Quintal on 28.31 nett.

Wednesday's golf, an Individual Stableford, produced some very good results thanks to another perfect summer’s day on the Golf Course.  Tane Cottle won the Ladies division with 38 pt's from Robyn Lockhart 34 pt's & Pat McCoy 33 pt's.  Some very good cards amongst the Men with Chris Magri winning the day with 44 pt's from Dave Jeffreys 41 pt's and Beau Magri in 3rd place with 40 pt's on a c/b to Mat McCaskie.  The Pro-Pin 4th went to Stephen [Cooky] Gardiner [400cm].

                                             Social Golf News:

Veterans Golf was postponed due to most golfers out golfed over the weekend, a disease which creeps in to a golfer’s life at a certain age, and also several players off Island for the week. But most will be back for next week, refreshed.

Friday afternoon once again didn’t disappoint with a good field for both the Norfolk Island Mechanical Chook Run and Junior Choc Run.  Brad Tierney took out first place in the Chook Run with Asher Garden winning the junior comp.

If you’re considering giving golf a go, Friday afternoon is the perfect time for a relaxed and fun introduction.  Give the Pro Shop a call on 23603 for more information. 

                                           What's on this Week:

Today's golf is Rd 2 of the "Olive Cafe" Monthly Medal & Lisner Trophy plus Rd 1 of the 2019 "Olive Cup". Tee off times are 8.30am & 1pm.  All players are asked to have their cards into match committee at least 15 mins prior to tee off. If you are running late please phone the Pro-Shop and a card will be put in the system for you.  Visiting golfers with an official club handicap are always welcome to come down and play.

Tuesday - Veteran's golf - 9 holes - 3pm

Wednesday - Individual Stableford [bonus pt's "2Drips" Ansbury Christian Cup] - 1pm

Friday - "NI Mechanical" Chook run - very social 9 holes - 3pm

                Junior Choc Run - 4 Junior holes  -  4pm

Saturday - "Copper Top Day" - 4 Person Ambrose [1 female player & no more than 1 

                     single figure handicap player per team] - 8.30am & 1pm

Sunday - Rock & Roll Golf Fun Day - 9 hole 4 person Ambrose - 2pm

Our Club bar is open Monday to Saturday from 11am and Sundays from 12pm.  Lunch and afternoon nibbles are available at ‘The Olive Branch’ Monday to Saturday from 10am-4pm. 

Enjoy fabulous golf course and ocean views while sampling something from ‘The Olive Branch’s menu, which changes regularly to take advantage of our fantastic local produce. The club bar also offers a great selection of beer, wine, cider, pre-mixed drinks and spirits.


'A Thought for the Day'

"The shinbone is a device for finding furniture in a dark room."

Good Golfing Everyone,


Please 'contact us' for more information.

Hapkido News

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Hapkido Instructors John Christian and Harvey McCoy would like to congratulate Sean Laginikoro on acheieving his first degree black belt in Hapkido. The photo shows John Christian and Harvey McCoy awarding the black belt to Sean.

Sean graded in Australia under Masters Matthew Kim and Kevin Brown. Having moved from Norfolk for studies Sean had to drive 2 hours to his nearest Dojang to train and it is this dedication and hard training that earned him his black belt. In a sign of great respect to his two original instructors on Norfolk , Sean decided not wear his Black belt until it was placed on him by his two Norfolk instructors.

For John and Harvey it was a very proud moment to award the belt to Sean and the NI Hapkido club along with John and Harvey congratulate Sean on his success.

For any one interested in training in martial arts NI Hapkido has recommenced training for 2019, Monday Wednesday 6pm at the girl guide hall. for information ring John Christian on mob 50312.    

note only children over 10 years of age

Please 'contact us' for more information.

St John Ambulance Report

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Heat Exhaustion and Heat Stroke

The beautiful summer days we are experiencing at the moment are fantastic for spending on the beach, however, the increase in heat also increases the risk of heat-induced illness.

The two most common forms of heat-induced illness are heat exhaustion and heat stroke. Heat exhaustion is the milder of the two conditions but, if not managed correctly this can develop heat stroke.

Common signs of heat exhaustion include:

  • feeling hot, exhausted, weak, fatigued
  • having a persistent headache
  • thirst
  • nausea
  • feeling faint or dizzy
  • rapid breathing and/or shortness of breath
  • pale, cool, moist skin
  • a rapid, weak pulse

What you can do in this situation:

  • Move the patient to a cool place with circulating air.
  • Help the patient to sit or lie down in a comfortable position.
  • Remove unnecessary clothing from the patient, and loosen any tight clothing.
  • Sponge the patient with cold water.
  • Give the patient cool water to drink.
  • Seek medical aid if the patient vomits or does not recover quickly.

The above information on heat exhaustion as well as information on heat stroke can be found on the St John Ambulance Australia website at link

Norfolk Island St John Ambulance volunteers are available by phoning 000 in a medical emergency.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

AGM for Chamber of Commerce

Thursday, January 31, 2019

The Norfolk Island Chamber of Commerce, Inc annual general meeting for financial members is to be held on Friday 1 March 2019.  If any Norfolk Island resident who has a business on Norfolk or is interested in business and would like to become a member of the Norfolk Island Chamber please contact  or call 53590.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Finally the truth! - NIPD and CoE Media Release

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Please 'contact us' for more information.

This Weeks Specials at Foodland

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Tourism Industry Gathering

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Museums and Research Centre

Thursday, January 31, 2019

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Fire Danger Period

Thursday, January 31, 2019

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Outdoor Furniture & Accessories

Thursday, January 31, 2019

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