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NIO Classic Triples Tournament

Friday, August 24, 2018

The Norfolk Island Bowling Club over the past week has been hosting the International NIO Classic Triples Tournament, and thanks go to the sponsor Terence Grube for his generous sponsorship of this event.  Teams travelled from all over eastern states of Australia, Victoria, NSW & Queensland.  28 men’s teams and 10 ladies teams contested the week of bowls which have been played in very trying conditions, with a fair bit of rain and windy weather each day.  This has tested the players but by all accounts everybody has enjoyed the week and are looking forward to the finals which are to be played on Friday.

Results of the Sectional play are:

Men’s Section A: (completed) I.Webb 10+37 (1st), M. Braden 8+31 (2nd), T.Cooper 8-3, N. McWaters 4-8, G. Baird 4-10, M. Bowe 4-16, R. McAnally 4-33; Section B: (1 round remaining). R. Dixon 10+67, C. Graham 8+22, Geoff Smith 8+9, T. Sellwood 4-14, B.J. King 3-6, G. Brady 3-35, D. Davis 0-43; Section C: (1 round remaining) M. Graham 8+66, B. Pauling 8+27, N. Rieschierg 6-18, G. Smith 6-1, B. Hollands 5+3, R. Orr 3-10, F. Smit 0-67; Section D: (1 round remaining) M. Mitchell 8+61, G. Fenlan 8+31, K. Button 8+11, M. Godfrey 5-5, J. Cosgrove 4-12, D, Drew 3-37, G. Weier 0-58.

Ladies Section: (2 rounds remaining) C. Jones 12+52, A. Snell 12+45, C. McGill 10+16, A. Brady 7+16, N. Juchno 7-6, S. Tyson 6+3, M. O’Brien 6-12, P. Williams 6-14, C. Pauling 4-41, C. McAnally 0-62.

The quarter-finals for the men’s competition was held on Thursday afternoon, with the semi-finals and finals to be played on Friday, but with the cut-off for the paper, these results will be advised next week, together with a full round-up of the tournament as a whole.

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NIJRL Report

Friday, August 24, 2018

Could the Perpetual Trophy winners from last year please return your trophies to a committee member ASAP. Our annual presentation day is scheduled for Sunday 23rd of September.

NI Junior Rugby League match report for Sunday 19th August.


Midget B’s – Central Service Station Golds 40 defeated NIO Blues 32.

Try Scorers for Central Service Station Golds – Eroni Kanaitoma x 4, Xavier King x 3, Heidi John x 2, Teo Magri x 1.

Try scorers for NIO Blues – Max Mietzel x 4, Lachie McCoy x 2, Zac Randall x 1, Matilda Smith x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Connor Henderson.


Midget B’s – Christian Baileys Agencies Reds 60 defeated NIDS/Car Beat Et Greens 56.

Try scorers for Christian Baileys Agencies Reds – Rocco Menghetti x 7, Mace Sanders x 3, Tyler Pashley x 2, Pierce Webb x 2, Josiah Carr x 1.

Try scorers for NIDS/Car Beat Et Greens – Alickson Kalsrap x 11, Traydon Wora x 2, Charlie Sanders x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Charlie Sanders.


Midget A’s – Paradise Reds 24 defeated Castaway Greens 14.

Try scorers for Paradise Reds – Stefan Kalangis x 1, Michael Shone x 1, Mia Pashley x 1, Jack Richards x 1, Will Peapell x 1. Conversions – Stefan Kalangis x 1, Will Peapell x 1.

Try scorers for Castaway Greens – Vinnie Martinovich x 1, Patrick Reeves x 1, Taj Quintal x 1. Conversions – Vinnie Martinovich x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Taj Quintal.


Junior B’s – Hot Krust Purples 30 defeated Jolly Roger Blues 24.

Try scorers for the Hot Krust Purples – Trey Mills x 3, Ben Christian x 1, Tom Kelly x 1. Conversions – Tom Kelly x 2, Kyran Randall x 1, Trey Mills x 1, Taj Quintal x 1.

Try scorers for the Jolly Roger Blues – Brandon Borg x 2, Trey Mills x 1, Carolynn Morgan x 1, Tony Martinovich x 1. Conversions – Tony Martinovich x 1, Stefan Kalangis x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Brandon Borg.

Girls League Tag – Butcher in the Mall Greens 24 defeated NIO Pinks 16.

Try scorers for the Butcher in the Mall Greens – Carolynn Morgan x 3, Mikayla Sharkey x 1, Ashante Evans x 1, Alani Snell x 1.

Try scorers for the NIO Pinks – Tahlia Evans x 2, Maycee Deszecsar x 1, T’Sharn Evans x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Alani Snell.

Hot Krust Bakery player of the week – Trey Mills.

NIJRL Game times for Sunday 26th August at the Bicentennial Oval.


10:00am - Midget B’s training

10:15am - Midget B’s – NIO Blues V Christian Bailey Agencies Reds

10:15am - Midget B’s – Central Service Station Golds V NIDS/Car Beat Et Greens

11:00am - Midget A’s – Castaway Greens V Paradise Reds

11:45am - Junior B’s – Jolly Roger Blues V Hot Krust Purples

12:30pm - Girls League Tag – Butcher in the Mall Greens V NIO Pinks

1:15pm - Junior A’s – Bedrock Golds V Norfolk Online Blues

Could all players please be at the ground 30 minutes before kick-off.

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Norfolk Island Fitness and Health News

Friday, August 24, 2018

FITLOSOPHY: "ONE LIFE. LIVE IT WELL." Our Centre provides a place filled with Motivation, Inspiration, Care and Knowledge to support our clients in achieving their goals.

HOW?....  Personalised Programs, Group Exercise (Indoor Bikes, Boxing, Core Strength, PILATES),Gym Memberships, Body Composition Analysis and Nutritional Consultations, FIT COLLEGE, Health and Fitness Challenges (our 8 WEEK BODY BLITZ PROGRAM can start at any time and includes Personal Training and full Gym Access).

... ALL of the above delivered by fully Qualified Fitness Trainers.



All Gym Enquiries to Kay 52809

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Roundup is deleterious to bees, even at very small doses.

Thursday, August 23, 2018

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

A Pastor goes to the dentist for a set of false teeth. The first Sunday after he gets his new teeth, he talks for only eight minutes. The second Sunday, he talks for only ten minutes. The following Sunday, he talks for 2 hours and 48 minutes.

The congregation had to mob him to get him down from the pulpit and they asked him what happened.

The Pastor explains the first Sunday his gums hurt so bad he couldn't talk for more than 8 minutes. The second Sunday his gums hurt too much to talk for more than 10 minutes. But, the third Sunday, he put his wife's teeth in by mistake and he couldn't shut up...

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Governors Cafe ... ph +67 23 24400

Thursday, August 23, 2018

Phone: + 6723 24400

Our Lounge Bar is located directly behind reception. Here you can relax in comfy chairs, surf the internet, sip on a cappuccino, grab a toasted sandwich as a snack and just relax.  Read a book from our library, play some cards or backgammon, enjoy happy hour - any hour. 


It's a lovely place to just chill out and look after all your needs during the day.  


Come on in and enjoy the atmosphere or take a seat on the verandah surrounded by gardens and even watch our local bee hive in action.  


Lounge Bar Café 9am – 5pm Mon – Sat and 10am – 3pm Sunday.

To view a larger map of where to find Bailey Restaurant on Norfolk Island, please "click here".

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Thursday, August 23, 2018

I have an interest in Bounty relics.  Many of these items pop up every so often (usually in the form of copper, nails, or cannonballs), while some have pretty much “been around” openly for quite a while (the anchor, cannons, swivels, ballasts, manuscripts...I wish).  Then you have relics that are not from the Bounty or are suspect in origin, and I will discuss one of each of those in this week’s article.  Please note that when I talk of the “dubious” item (the bell), it is my opinion brought about by what I know.


Bounty had a few anchors of varying sizes, and as we all know, one of the bowers was raised in the 1950’s, preserved and mounted in the main square in Adamstown where it sits today.  What of the rest?  Well of the other large bowers, they were cut when the Bounty departed Tahiti under the mutineers (both times).  Now one of these was believed to have been found in the 1930’s and raised.  It remained in Tahiti for a short time before it found its way into the Auckland War Memorial Museum where it remained until the 1990’s when it was indefinitely loaned to the Auckland Maritime Museum where it stands today (I’m quite sure it’s still there, but it’s been a while since I’ve been inside).  Around the year 2000 I worked for a few months there as a volunteer and had access to the anchor.  My initial excitement fell flat when I saw it was different from the one on Pitcairn.  Comparing it to measurements and pictures I had of the Pitcairn one, I came to the conclusion that it couldn’t be off the Bounty.  Some years later I asked Dr. Nigel Erskine and he confirmed it, stating that the design came from the early 1800’s.  I did pass this on to the museum, but when I was last there (about ten years ago), they still had a sign stating that it was the Bounty’s.  Verdict:  Not a genuine Bounty artefact.


This next artefact I’ve written about before elsewhere (I really need to go through and see what topics I’ve covered for “Norfolk Online” and make sure I don’t double-up).  On Pitcairn, in a private collection there is a rather large bell that is missing its crown.  It must have been quite impressive in its prime, but as a child I remember seeing it inverted and used as a flower pot.  And yes, some said it was from the Bounty.  Of course, even as a kid this always had me excited...the bell of the Bounty...its voice!  But there was one dampener, and that was what some in my family said of its history.  They said it was a gift from a navy ship in the late 1800’s!  Though still unsure, I measured it and took extensive photos in 2003.  A source who reviewed this information was of the opinion that it was probably of Spanish/South American make.  Eventually I found something in the archives which tipped my opinion in favour of the non-Bounty stance.  What follows is my pieced-together history of the bell:  In April, 1881 the HMS Thetis visited Pitcairn, and her commander, Captain Stevens gifted a bell he had obtained in Coquimbo, Chile.  The gift was appreciated and was mounted in the square and used for many years.  It was said to be very loud and could be heard anywhere on the island.  In the 20th century sometime, one of the island men who saw a ship on the horizon “he go down un club ha bell!  He da rough he brekk off ha top un ma-owloo et, senden ha bell to hell” (those were the words of my grandmother)  In other words, he rang it so hard it broke off the top.  It remained as a gradually forgotten ornament until the current owners took it and made it into a pot plant and is now on display at their house.  Verdict:  In all seriousness it is a fascinating artefact in and of itself, but in my opinion the evidence weights against it being from the Bounty.  Perhaps the real one exists somewhere on the island, buried and forgotten...or maybe it lies buried in the growth in Bounty Bay.


Well, that is it for this week.  For some reason I feel like building a model of the Bounty...

PHOTO 01:  The genuine Bounty anchor on Pitcairn today.

PHOTO 02:  The dubious Bounty Bell.

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Cheryl Tennis Club News

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

This afternoon sees our Annual Presentation taking place at the Clubhouse from 4.30pm – 6.30pm, we hope to see you there to celebrate the achievements of our members.  We will be having substantial nibbles $15.00 for adults and for children 12 and under, $10.00.  All welcome.

The second round of Mavis Cup took place last week after an inclement start to the day in regards to the weather.  Tennis was definitely the winner on the day.  We do have a few couples who have pulled into the lead.    Next Saturday will be Round 3.  Please organise your own replacement or call Gill ASAP on 56878 if you can’t play.  Remember to bring a potluck salad and your meat for the BBQ and come on down for a great afternoon of social tennis.

Monday night is now in recess for a while with the commencement of Wednesday night tennis. 

Tuesday ladies night braved the cold for a hit of tennis and socialising afterwards.

Wednesday Night Mixed Comp continued for Round 2.  Lots of great tennis happening here.

Congratulations to the New Committee for 2018/19.  The executive members have remained the same, Tony Wilkinson - President, Chris Gatehouse - Vice President, Emma Wright -Treasurer and Gill Brown - Secretary.  We have the majority of committee members who have signed on again, Jodie Quintal, Amanda Cribb, Sarah Randall, Kev Randall, Mel Pulsford, Teresa Langusch, Julie South and we welcome Jo Howell to the team.

A fond farewell to two of our long-standing committee members, who have worked tirelessly over many years on behalf of the Cheryl Tennis Club, Rossco and Gae Quintal.  This unfortunately coincided with the loss of Gae’s brother Steve Nobbs, and our thoughts are with the family at this time.

The Gala Day Dinner that was advertised for September 1st has been postponed but keep watching for the new date!

Our Trivia night that was also pencilled in for September 22nd is clashing with wearable art so we will let you know ASAP when this new date will be.

Court Hire:  Visitors and non-members are welcome to play during the day at a cost of $16 per hour- Night rates are $18 per hour.

However, members are able to have free use of the courts during the day, or pay $12 per hour in the evenings when there are no comps being played. Please use the Honesty Box if the courts are unattended.

Ball Machine Hire:   Should you wish to hire the Ball machine to improve your skills, cost to members is $6 per half-hour & $10 per hour; and to Non-members, $15 per half-hour and $25 per hour.  Please be mindful of our neighbours and do not use the ball machine before 7am on Sunday mornings.  Thank you.

Venue Hire:  Looking for a great place to host your next event.  Why not try the Cheryl Tennis club?  Bar facilities available on request and facilities can cater for up to 100 people. 

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August Specials from Petes Place

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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Bring any Competitiors Insurance Renewal or quotation to us & we will beat it!

Wednesday, August 22, 2018

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