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Golf Report

Friday, June 22, 2018

The good weather continues and so does the golf with another top day on the golf course last Saturday. And a great roll up of members to contest the 3rd Rd of the “Kev Wills" Memorial Trophy. 

With the night time showers and daily sunshine, the golf course is in great condition and a credit to Des and Jason, our green keepers.

Competition Results:

The 3rd Rd of the "Kev Wills” Memorial Trophy attracted a very good field with a Canadian Foursomes being the play of the day, and some very good scores as well.  Winning the day were the team of Tony Scicluna and Mal Rundle with an excellent score of 61 nett.  Chris Magri and Katie Walden came in 2nd with what they thought would be a winning card on 65.5 nett and Caroline Miratana and Phil Duncan in 3rd place with 68.5 nett.

The Pro-Pin 4th went to Kerry Robertson [233cm], the All-In 9/18th Nathan Walden [250cm], the All-In 2nd shot to 6/15th Jason Quintal [215cm] and the Men's 2nd shot to 8/17th Kim Davies [229cm].

 The "Island Plumbing & Gas" Putt Off is still alive and growing and today will be worth $210.

Wednesday's golf, an Individual Stableford and another great winter’s day produced more good scores.  Kerry Robertson had another good round to win the Ladies division with 35 pt's from Robyn Lockhart on 31 pt's.  Paul [Shorty] Kiernan showed a return of form to win the day with 41 pt's from Nathan Walden 40 pt's.  Bruce Lockhart came in 3rd place with 39 pt's on a c/b to Matt Norton.  The Pro-Pin 4th went to Matt Norton [192cm].

Social Golf News:

Once again another good roll up of Veteran Golfers last week and the good weather making for another enjoyable afternoon on the course. That man Tony Scicluna did it again with another good round with 17 pt's.  No matter what the handicapper does he just keeps winning.  Bob Templeton came in 2nd place on 15 pt's.

Some overdue results from recent Norfolk Island Mechanical Chook Runs has seen Mal Figgy Rundle take out first place along with the very in-form Tony Scicluna with two wins in a row.  The Chook Run continues to be a popular comp and a great way to spend your Friday afternoons.  A shout out to our generous sponsor Norfolk Island Mechanical for their ongoing support!

Don’t forget the Chook Run Jackpot Draw also runs every Friday.  If you’ve played in the Norfolk Island Mechanical Chook Run and your number is drawn (and you are still at the Club), you will claim 100% of the jackpot.  If you can’t make chook run, come down for a drink on the veranda anyway – that will get you 50% of the jackpot if your number comes out and you’re there!  You only have to be on the chook run handicap list (which dates way back!) to be in with a chance.

Our juniors have also been ticking away nicely and the results are showing for all of our junior golfers in the Friday afternoon Junior Choc Run.  Michael Shone has been in winning form taking out first place two weeks in a row, congratulations Michael.  Aly Miller has also made a come-back to golf in winning form.  Congrats Aly!  It’s great to see a good number of regular junior golfers and their families enjoying the Club.  A reminder that the choc-run tee off is 3.30pm, with all players to register in the Pro Shop (or call 23603) by 3.15pm so that the draw is done and the golfers are on the course in time to finish before we lose light!!

Everyone is welcome to join in our social comps – Tuesday Vets tee off for 9 holes at 2.30pm (during winter), The Norfolk Island Mechanical Chook Run tees off for 7 holes (during winter) on Fridays at anytime (most around 3pm), and the Junior Choc Run tees off for 4 junior holes on Fridays at 3.30pm (during winter) (NB:  A parent/adult supervisor is required for each group)

You don’t need to be a golfer, or have an official handicap to join in our social comps – they are just that – very social!  If you’d like to join in or have any questions, give Andrew a call in the Pro Shop 23603.

What's on this Week:

Today's golf is a 4 Club [3 Club plus putter] event.  An interesting and challenging day when the choice of clubs is the most important decision one must make.  Tee off times are 8.30am and 12.30pm and as always players are asked to have their cards into the match committee no later than 15 mins prior to tee off.  Any visiting golfers with an official club handicap are always welcome to come down and play.

Tuesday   ....   Veterans Golf   -   9 holes - 2.30pm

Wednesday....   Individual Stableford - 1pm

Friday    .....    “N I Mechanical"   Chook Run -   very social 7 holes -    3pm

Saturday   ......   "Commonwealth Bank Day” -   individual stableford - 8.30am & 12.30pm

Our Club is open Monday to Saturday from 11am and Sundays from 12pm.  Lunch is available Monday to Thursday and Saturday. 

Enjoy fabulous golf course and ocean views while sampling something from our delicious all-new winter lunch menu. 

Tea, coffee, cake and gourmet cheese plates are available all day with full bar service.


                          “A Profound Thought for the Week”

                  It is often said that motivation doesn’t last.

   Well, neither does bathing — that’s why we recommend it daily.

Good golfing everyone,


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Sleep Disorders: Restless Legs & Sleep Bruxism

Friday, June 22, 2018

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Looming Disaster for Norfolk Island Australian Modern Award System

Friday, June 22, 2018

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Friday, June 22, 2018

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Administrator’s Update

Friday, June 22, 2018

Modern Awards

Firstly may I take this opportunity to congratulate the Norfolk Island Chamber of Commerce for the proactive and practical way in which they have supported the local business community, in the lead up to the 1st of July 2018 as employers and employees transition into the new world of Modern Awards.

It is a big change, but as expected and it comes as no surprise to learn the overwhelming majority of employers want to and will do the right thing by their employees under these new arrangements. Naturally some employers are well advanced and prepared, others still have some work to do, but the point being is that help is at hand for those that need it.

The Chamber organised meetings with representatives from the NSW Business Chamber and advice was provided to help employers restructure their businesses in order to minimise the impacts of these changes. In addition the feedback they receive from local businesses in the coming months may in time lead to advocacy to the Fair Work Commission about any specific impacts of these changes on the Norfolk Island economy. In addition to the Chambers positive initiatives, representatives from the Fair Work Ombudsman (FWO) were on the island again this week holding one on one meetings with employers.

My message to the FWO is to make sure that the support for the employers and employees here on Norfolk Island is ongoing and does not just become directions to a website after July the 1st. This as I said earlier is a big change and support is justified and should be easily accessible.

Freight Roundtable

Thank you to the business representatives, Norfolk Island Regional Investment Officer Jan Johnston (RIO), NIRC representatives, DIRDC representatives and facilitator Kerry Grace from the Mid North Coast RDA for their attendance at a freight roundtable I hosted last week.

By way of an update, all those in attendance agreed to participate in a ‘process’,  that aims to bring all the necessary information and data together to build a prospectus.  Such a document will articulate the freight task here on Norfolk Island, in order to attract prospective operators. The community will have a chance to provide input during this process.

There is no silver bullet here, other than by doing this work described above, collectively growing the economy and supporting local business to grow, in particular those that are focussed on producing value added products that might have export market potential. I firmly believe those people are here on Norfolk Island and part of my job and that of the RIO is to find ways of supporting these entrepreneurs to expand their enterprises. If we do this they will employ more local Norfolk Islanders and importantly grow ‘Brand Norfolk Island’.

As Walt Disney described ‘a brand is a thousand small gestures’, therefore the more ways in which we can positively raise the profile of Norfolk Island, in addition to the new revenue generated, the dividend that will flow can benefit everyone.

Eric Hutchinson

21 June 2018

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“Mieken aklan stomga in diis diehs – thank you from the Taskforce

Friday, June 22, 2018

As you know, the PM appointed a small team in his department to temporarily boost the capacity of DIRDC in its work with Norfolk Island. He was keen to accelerate progress to support the safety and welfare of women, children and young people, especially as community safety and wellbeing featured as an important aspiration in the Community Strategic Plan [2016-26]. Your plan called for a Taskforce to be established to identify and address issues of child protection, domestic violence, mental health and drug and alcohol issues. I have provided the Mayor with a final report from the Taskforce summarising the work we have progressed in partnership with the community. I know colleagues in DIRDC look forward to continuing this partnership focussed on child and family wellbeing.


As we close the Taskforce on 30 June, we take with us much that we have learned and admired about the strengths of Norfolk Islanders – your valuing of family, of education, of hard work, of history and language and legacy. You are unique in your creativity and problem solving, your resilience and your care for each other. Many of you have invited us into your homes to help us learn about your community and inform our work. We have greatly valued and appreciated the spirit of collaboration, generosity and openness in the way you have worked with us over the past nine months, and your willingness to stay at the table with us even when we disagreed.  Thank you.


We hope that through the work we have progressed together, you feel we have made some progress on the issues you identified as important to support the good health, the good functioning and the good futures of your children, your young people and your families.


Until our paths cross again, we extend our thanks and our hopes for your enduring prosperity.



Janet Stodulka


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Netball News Saturday 23rd of June 2018

Friday, June 22, 2018

We’d like to say a massive thank you to all who contributed to making last Saturday’s “Crazy Sock & Hair Day” such a good event. Thank you to Speed’s Meats, Bowlo Bistro and CBA for donating prizes for the raffle. Mon, Sam and Schmitty for all your help!

A total of $479 was donated to the Kids Cancer Project.

Thank you everyone for getting involved!

Subs are still due, if you haven’t paid please contact one of the committee members ASAP.

Nettas - $40

Grades 3 to 1 - $60

Seniors - $80

No Pay, No Play”

Junior Draw

Can all players please be at courts at least 15 mins before your starting time.

Nettas: 9am

Charter Marine Monsters vs. Mokutu Machines

Grade 3: 10am

Aloha Aces vs. Island Plumbing Piranhas

BPT Tigers vs. Aloha Aces

Island Plumbing Piranhas vs. BPT Tigers

Grade 2: 11am

The Olive vs. Dial a Diggers

Dial A Diggers vs. The Bakery

The Olive vs. The Bakery

Grade 1: 12pm

Castaway Catz vs. TGB Titans

Trading Post vs. Castaway Catz

Trading Post vs. TGB Titans

Senior Draw


Flames vs. Guava Girls

Scorers: Willies

Umpires: Willies & Baunti


Baunti vs. Willies

Scorers: Flames

Umpires: Flames & Guava Girls

Clean up: Baunti

Rule of the Week:

Contact and Contest:

When attacking, defending or playing the ball, opposing players may come into physical contact with each other. Provided the players do not interfere with each other’s play or use their bodies to gain an unfair advantage over their opponent, it is deemed to ‘Contest’ and play continues. ‘Contact occurs when a players actions interfere with an opponent’s play whether these are accidental or deliberate.

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Norfolk Island Fitness and Health News

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

Want to try a fun but effective workout to warm you up during the WINTER months.

Check out our Group Exercise Class Time table below!

The only classes that have a number restriction are the Indoor Bike classes (SPIN I.O.U.) where bookings are essential.

All classes are run by our fully qualified and competent Trainers... Kelly, Emma, Kelvin and Kay.

FITLOSOPHY: "What's good for your heart is good for your head!"

FOODLOSOPHY: "Life is too short for fake butter!"

Winter MEMBERSHIP SPECIAL continues with a FREE personalised program with 3, 6 and 12 month Memberships.

Don't forget to consider our 8 WEEK BODY BLITZ PROGRAM which is a 2 Month MEMBERSHIP with lots of "TLC"!

Finally Kelvin and I would like to wish our much loved Trainer, BRANDT McRITCHIE all the best with his business at Noosa Heads. You will be sadly missed. Thanks mate for the past 6 years!

All Gym Inquiries to Kay on 52809

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EcoNorfolk Foundation Inc

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

EcoNorfolk Foundation Inc Limited Boomerang Bags Programwere granted funding of $8,895.00 through the CommunityDonations Program 2017-18. We thank the Norfolk IslandRegional Council for providing us with this opportunity. 

The project amount was to be used to purchase industrialmachines to efficiently and effectively undertake increasedbag production on Norfolk Island. The new machines weredifficult in resourcing and they did not arrive onto the islanduntil May 2018. They are of industrial quality so that theamount of heavy duty fabric that has been donated by thecommunity could be utilized instead of burning and dumping into the sea. The use of the industrial fabric re-usable bagswill be to replace the need for plastic at the localsupermarkets and liquor bond and will build community awareness which significantly reduces the use of plastic and provides greater community pride in a more sustainable approach to our island. 

Shortly, EcoNorfolk Foundation will conduct a short survey with the assistance of the Universityof Sydney and local Boomerang Bag volunteers. We willanalyse the impact and report back to the Council and thepublic if there has been a noticeable change to the use ofplastic bags in the community and we would greatly appreciate your support. We would like to thank the manyvolunteers, Mr. Brad Tierney, Mr. Joe Nobbs and numerousothers who have continually provided support to the project.

Above: EcoNorfolk Boomerang Bags Program Volunteers Ms.Miew Shone, Public Relations Manager, Mrs MargaretKiernan and Project Manager Mrs. Beverley Buffett. Our newmachines at our workshop which is located in The Village forfurther details on how you canparticipate please phone EcoNorfolkFoundation Inc Limited representativeMrs. Margaret Huckstep on 53825(photo courtesy of volunteer Ms. JudithThomas) EcoNorfolk Foundation IncLimited is a not for profit charityregistered in Norfolk Island and a charity with the AustralianCharities and Not for Profit Commission.ACNC.

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St John Ambulance Report

Wednesday, June 20, 2018

First Aid Training & Community First Aid Classes

Please email all enquiries regarding first aid courses to

Volunteers Needed

If you are over 18 and either hold a First Aid Certificate or are able to obtain one, please email your expression of interest to volunteer with this important community organisation to

St John Tips:  Major Wounds

Embedded Object

When a foreign object such as a knife, glass, branch or stick is embedded in the wound and has penetrated into tissue:

- DO NOT try to remove the object as it may be plugging the wound and restricting bleeding.  Removing it may result in severe bleeding or may damage deep structures.

- DO NOT exert any pressure over the object

- DO NOT try to cut the end of the object unless its size makes it unmanageable. 

Management of an Embedded Object:

1. Control bleeding by applying pressure to surrounding areas, but not on the foreign object.

2. Place padding around the object or place a ring pad over the object and a bandage over the padding. 

3. If the length of the object causes it to protrude outside the pad, take care to bandage only each side of the object. 

4. Seek medical aid or call 000 for an ambulance. 

Puncture Wounds

Puncture wounds are serious and may occur when a knife, or high velocity object such as a nail gun, has penetrated the skin. The penetration may be deep and infection will occur.  

There may be a wound where the object has left the body and this must also be treated. 

Management of Puncture Wounds:

1. Control bleeding - apply direct pressure around the wound.

2. Keep the wound as clean as possible. 

3. Cut away or remove clothing covering the wound.

4. If the wound is not bleeding, carefully clean around the wound. 

5. DO NOT try to pick out foreign material embedded in the wound. Also check for an exit wound from a puncture wound. 

6. Apply a sterile or clean dressing. 

7. Rest the injured part in a comfortable position. 

8. Seek medical air or call 000 for an ambulance.  

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