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Friday, June 29, 2018

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July Spending Spree Competition

Friday, June 29, 2018

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Council Fees and Charges

Friday, June 29, 2018

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Overview of Council Meeting

Friday, June 29, 2018

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Friday, June 29, 2018

The monthly meeting of the NORFOLK ISLAND FLORA & FAUNA SOCIETY will be held at 6pm on Monday 2nd July 2018 at the A & H Hall.

New members and visitors are welcome to attend.

Enquires to Mark Hallam 52509 or Betty Matthews 57093"

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Golf Report

Friday, June 29, 2018

When a golfer is restricted to play with only 4 clubs, [3 clubs plus a putter] one wonders why we carry so many clubs around in our golf bag, particularly when you see some of the scores that came in last Saturday's play of the day.  A novelty event but still quite enjoyable judging by the reaction from most of the players after the event, and more great winter weather to help our golf  for most.

Competition Results: -

Last Saturday's golf, a 4 Club Individual Stableford event, which must include a putter, produce some very good scores considering the lack of equipment everybody, had to play with.  Kerry Robertson won the day with 38 pt's on a c/b to Andrew [Umi] Umlauft with Stephen [Cooky] Gardiner in 3rd place on a c/b to Chris Magri both on 35 pt's.

The Pro-Pin 4th went to Danny Nobbs [460cm], the All-In 9/18th Matty Norton [400cm], Ladies 2nd shot to 6/15th Kerry Robertson [55cm] and the men's 2nd shot to 1/10th [not struck].

The “Island Plumbing & Gas" Putt Off remains and growing and today will be worth $225.

Wednesday's Golf, an Individual Stableford, had results starting to match the weather and the condition of the golf course with some more very good cards returned. Hayley Evans showed a remarkable return to form with an excellent 40 pt's easily winning the Ladies division from Robyn Lockhart 33 pt's and Kerry Robertson 32 pt's.  Cameron Feldman played some of his best golf of recent times to shoot a par round and win the day with 43 pt's in the Men's division from Andrew [Umi] Umlauft 40 pt's and Brad Tierney 39 pt's.  Kim Davies claimed the pro-Pin 4th [119cm].

Social Golf News:

It was another good roll up of golfing tragics enjoying the golf course, the weather and the company of like-minded golfers for Tuesday’s Veterans Golf.  Lisle Snell claimed the honours this week with 17 pt's from Ian [Hussa] Harris 15 pt's.  Everyone is welcome to join in the fun of Tuesdays Vets, teeing off during winter at 2.30pm.

Friday’s Norfolk Island Mechanical attracted a good field again for a nice winter’s afternoon.  One of our up and coming young golfers took out first place…congratulations Taj Quintal.  A reminder that everyone is always welcome to join us on Friday afternoons for a social 7 hole competition (no handicap required), lots of laughs and a great start to the weekend!

Our junior choc-runners also produced some great golf on Friday with Bailey Miller taking out first place.  Congratulations Bailey and welcome back to golf.  Our juniors will break next week for the Easter Carnival, but will be back on the following Friday.

Tuesday junior clinics do not run during the school holidays, however Friday choc run will continue straight through, so we look forward to seeing all of our juniors for a hit on the holidays!

What's on this Week:

Today's Golf will be an Individual Stableford event. Tee off times are 8.30am & 12.30pm and as always all players are asked to have their cards into match committee no later than 15 mins prior to tee off.  Any visiting golfers with an official club handicap are always welcome to come down and play.

Tuesday.......    Veteran's Golf   - 9 holes   -   2.30pm

Wednesday.....  Individual Stableford [ bonus pt's for" 2Drips" Ansbury Christian Cup] - 1pm

Friday   ....          "N I Mechanical" Chook Run   - very social 7 holes   -   3pm

                             Junior Choc Run - 4 junior holes -   3.30pm

Saturday....     The "Olive Cafe” Monthly Medal & Lisner Trophy- Rd7 - 8.30am & 12.30pm.

Our Club is open Monday to Saturday from 11am and Sundays from 12pm.  Lunch is available Monday to Thursday and Saturday. 

Enjoy fabulous golf course and ocean views while sampling something from our delicious all-new winter lunch menu. 

Tea, coffee, cake and gourmet cheese plates are available all day with full bar service.

Finally.................       “A   Profound Thought for the Week”

                       ‘Silence is golden, unless you have kids,

                               then silence is just plain suspicious. '

Good golfing everyone,


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Friday, June 29, 2018

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Friday, June 29, 2018

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Bowls Report by Ballzup

Friday, June 29, 2018

Over the past week at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club, their Major Singles championships began, the blue-ribbon event of the calendar year.  In perfect conditions last week-end the first and second rounds were played, with the results being thus: Round 1: Ryan Dixon defeated Mick Godfrey 25-20; John Groat defeated Brent Johnstone 25-18; Barry Wilson defeated Gary Bigg 25-17; and Graeme Woolley defeated Barry Jones 25-11.  Only one social game was played last Saturday with a game of pairs between the teams of Culla Graham & Sue Semple and that of Tess Evans & Irene Buffett with the game being drawn 12-12.

The results of the second round of the Men’s Major Singles played last Sunday were: Graeme Woolley defeated Haydn Evans 25-9; Tim Sheridan defeated John Groat 25-7; Neil McWaters defeated Stephen Matthews 25-16; Jeff Pledger defeated Trev Gow 25-15; Brent Pauling defeated Peter Walkinshaw 25-20; and Ryan Dixon defeated Peter Glass 25-12.  The quarter-finals will be played today between Tim Sheridan Vs Brent Pauling; Barry Wilson Vs Culla Graham; Neil McWaters Vs Graeme Woolley; and Ryan Dixon Vs Jeff Pledger.

On Wednesday last, the Ladies commenced their Major Singles championships, with the results of these games being:  Jackie Ryan defeated Joy Bishop 25-17; Kitha Bailey defeated Irene Buffett 25-14; Shae Wilson defeated Maycee Deszacsar 25-2; Margaret O’Brien defeated Ester Sanchez 25-13; Ling Glass defeated Elle Dixon 25-23; Kate Smith defeated Chrissie Pauling 25-21; with Petal Jones and Tess Evans having wins by default.  In the social games played Neil McWaters & Peter Glass defeated Stephen Mathews & Margaret Buffett 20-11; and Mick Godfrey & Tess Evans defeated Graeme Woolley & Culla Graham 18-16. The semi-finals of the Women’s Major Singles will be played next Wednesday.

During the quiet winter months, the Club Bistro is still opening as per normal at 5:30pm for everybody to enjoy the tasty meals and enjoy the lovely cold beer from the bar.

The Club AGM is to be later in July and further details will be in the paper nearer to the time, but the AGM notice is on the Club notice-board and Members are encouraged to nominate for positions on the Club Committee and various sub-committees. Don’t leave it too late.

See you all on the greens.

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St John Ambulance Norfolk Island Division

Friday, June 29, 2018

First Aid Training & Community First Aid Classes

Please email all enquiries to

Skill Drill

The next Skill Drill will be held on Tuesday 10 July at the St John shed on Grassy Road. Please join us from 630pm for a 7pm training start. New members are always welcome. 

Volunteers Needed

Please email your expression of interest to volunteer with this important community organisation to

St John Tips: Burns and Scalds

Burn injuries are extremely painful. Risk of infection is high because the outer layer of skin is damaged. Although they do not bleed, burn injuries result in fluid loss, loss of temperature control, and can damage underlying layers of tissues and nerves. 

If sustained in a confined space, burns may damage the respiratory system and eyes.  The casualty may go into shock as a result of fluid loss. 

As well as the obvious physical damage, burns may cause psychological damage as they can be disfiguring and disabling with an altered body image. 

Burns are primarily caused by scalding from hot liquid or flames and contact with hot objects, but can also be caused by extreme cold, chemicals, electricity, or the sun and other forms of radiation.  Even after the source of the heat has been removed, further damage occurs because soft tissue retains heat for minutes afterwards. 

Cooling the burnt area and preventing infection are the first aider's major objectives.  In some cases, the first aider will also have to monitor the casualty and treat for respiratory distress, cardiac arrest, or shock. 

Types of Burns

Superficial Burns:

In a superficial burn, only the top layer of the skin is damaged.  A common example is radiation by ultraviolet light producing sunburn.  If severe, some fluid may leak into the epidermis causing swelling and blistering. 

Superficial partial thickness burns: 

Occur when the upper layers of the dermis are injured, resulting in leakage of fluid into the tissues, producing blistering.  These burns are commonly caused by brief exposure to flame or spill scalds of 50-70 degrees. The area is red, very painful and blistered with copious tissue fluids. 

Deep partial thickness burns:

Involve the epidermis and much of the dermis.  They are caused by scalds of longer duration or temperature of more than 70 degrees, or exposure to flame.  The area is mottled red and white, dark red or pale yellow, painful, blistered with a moist surface if the blister has broken. 

Full thickness burns:

Involve the epidermis, the entire dermis and may include deeper structures of fat, muscles and tendons.  They may be caused by flame burns, contact with hot metal, immersion scalds, strong chemicals or electricity.  The area is white or charred and feels dry and leathery.  Because the nerves are destroyed, the pain will not be as great in the full thickness burn with pain at the less burned margins.  

General principles for managing burns

1. Follow DRSABCD.

2. Cool the burnt area.

3. Cover burn either with a non-adherent burns dressing, plastic wrap, wet clean dressing or loosely applied aluminium foil. 

4. Prevent infection by covering the burn wound. 

5. Minimise shock by reassurance. 

DO NOT apply lotions, ointments or oily dressings.

DO NOT prick or break blisters.

DO NOT give alcohol.

DO NOT overcool casualty.

DO NOT use towels, cottonwool, blankets or adhesive dressings directly on wound.

DO NOT remove clothing stuck to burnt area. 

Please 'contact us' for more information.

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