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Prohibited Electrical Articles

Friday, May 25, 2018

The Council has been advised that the three new Cummins generators for the Powerhouse, ordered to replace the existing generators, will now not be ready for shipment before 30 June 2018. This delay will impact on the arrival date and ultimately the installation, testing and switch over from the old to the new generators. At this time a go-live date is not known but the Council is working with the suppliers to minimize further delays.

To ensure that the demand on the existing generators remains manageable and existing electrical supply can be maintained, new applications to install prohibited electrical articles will not be recommended for approval by the Minister, apart from Electrically Boosted Water Heaters. This measure is effective from Monday 28 May 2018 and will be reviewed once the new Powerhouse generators are fully operational.

Prohibited articles are as follows (as detailed in schedule 1 of the Electricity Supply Regulation 1986):

• Electrically-boosted solar heaters rated higher than 2.4 kilowatts
• Heaters for spa pools, swimming pools or saunas
• Domestic appliances rated higher than 2.4 kilowatts
• Cooking ranges
• Hot plates
• Ovens
• Washing machines fitted with electrical elements
• Electric welders
• Air conditioners
• Microwave ovens fitted with electrical elements

Prohibited articles unless prior approval (prior to 28 May) has been obtained (as detailed in schedule 2 of the Electricity Supply Regulation 1986) will not be approved by the Norfolk Electricity until further notice:

• Electrically-boosted solar heaters rated at 2.4 kilowatts or less (must be fitted with a quartz time clock)
• Water heaters (must be fitted with a quartz time clock)
• Electrical motors, including motors for pump (in some special cases special starters or time switches may be required)
• Electrical clothes dryers – approved design and rating (time switches may be required)
• Dish washers
• Sports area lights
• Electric radiators
Thank you for your cooperation.
Lotta Jackson
25 May 2018

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Public Meeting: Draft Operational Plan - Including Budget, Fees and Charges - And Documents on Public Exhibition

Friday, May 25, 2018

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Norfolk Island Environment

Friday, May 25, 2018

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Remote Piloted Aircraft (RPA"S) or Drones

Friday, May 25, 2018

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This Week's Quirky Products Available on Island

Friday, May 25, 2018

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Mayors Update - Keeping the Community Informed

Friday, May 25, 2018

“As I advised in last week’s press the following motion was unanimously agreed by Council on 16 May 2018:

Council requests that the Mayor make Minister McVeigh aware of the many representations and serious concerns held by the Norfolk Island business community relating to the imminent introduction of the Australian Awards System under the Fair Work Act 2009 (CTH) in its application to Norfolk Island; and Council’s support for progression as a matter of urgency of the review and monitoring of the impact of Commonwealth reforms on Norfolk Island as foreshadowed by the Minister in his letter to the Mayor of 20 February 2018 and endorsed by Council at its March 2018 meeting.’

“In writing to Minister McVeigh this week I spoke of my responsibility as a leader in the community to bring issues of community concern to the Minister’s attention as they arise; and that the above motion of Council relates to just one of a number of community concerns at this time” Mayor Adams said. “I provided the following background information to assist the Minister in his consideration of Council’s motion.”

‘The transition year 2015/2016 saw many changes brought or to be brought to Norfolk Island; and I am confident that you appreciate that the culture and way of life of the Norfolk Island people has evolved over a very long time independently of the culture and way of life of elsewhere. This fact was taken into account by the Australian Government in respect of Capital Gains Tax with special dispensation being made in respect of timing of its application to Norfolk Island (media release Minister Paul Fletcher 23 October 2014).’

“I took the opportunity to bring to the Minister’s attention” the Mayor said, “that leading up to the transition year the then Minister Jamie Briggs established an Advisory Council; and that on the matter of consultation on changes to legislation applicable to Norfolk Island the Advisory Council in their final report to the Commonwealth in 2016 recommended –

“…that the Australian Government establish a community consultation process to be applied for changes to laws on Norfolk Island which includes an impact assessment, a set timeframe for responding to the Minister and involves the Administrator and Regional Council’.

“It was this motion of the Advisory Council that prompted Council’s earlier resolution of 15 February 2017 conveyed to former federal minister Fiona Nash that recommended transitional arrangements and impact assessment needing to be undertaken to ensure the extension of NSW legislation is seamless and harmonises with the culture and way of life of the Norfolk Island people that has evolved over time; and in that case, independently of the culture and way of life of the people of New South Wales.

“It was also important to bring to the Minister’s attention that as a consequence of Councilrepresentation the Commonwealth put in place a Legislation Consultation Framework to “guidethe Australian Government’s consultation on legislative changes, including amendments toexisting laws and the application or creation of new laws” Mayor Adams said “and to mentionthat notwithstanding that the Fair Work Act 2009 commenced on Norfolk Island in a modifiedform on 1 July 2016 with its full implementation on 1 July 2018, impact assessment andcommunity consultation as recommended by the Advisory Council in their 2016 Report to theCommonwealth did not occur.

I also thought it was important to mention that the recent community meetings conducted byofficers from the Fair Work Ombudsman Office did little to assist in the education/consultationprocess and certainly did not constitute impact assessment.”

“As we all know the Norfolk Island economy is almost solely based on tourism” the Mayor said,“and it remains an unknown at this time how the introduction of the Modern Awards System onNorfolk on 1 July 2018 will impact on this vital industry. I have sought the Minister’s thoughts onhow at this very late stage an impact assessment might occur.”

“I look forward to meeting Minister McVeigh in Canberra next month” the Mayor said.

Robin Adams JP

24 May 2018

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Spanner in the Works

Friday, May 25, 2018

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St John Ambulance Report

Friday, May 25, 2018

First Aid Training & Community First Aid Classes

Please email all enquiries regarding first aid courses to

Volunteers Needed

If you are over 18 and either hold a First Aid Certificate or are able to obtain one, please email your expression of interest to volunteer with this important community organisation to

St John Tips:  Abdominal Sporting Injuries

Abdominal injuries are rare in sport, but are often unrecognised or poorly treated.  Such injuries can be caused by blows to the abdomen (e.g. rugby tackles) or from an object at high speed (e.g surfboard or cycling injuries).  

There is the potential for life-threatening internal bleeding, as the vital organs (spleen, liver, kidneys and intestines) can be ruptured by heavy blows.  Casualties may comment on passing dark or blood-stained urine in cases of kidney or bladder trauma.  

Management of Abdominal Injuries: 

1. Follow DRSABCD **

2. Check for signs of internal bleeding. 

    - pain

    - tenderness

    - rigidity of abdominal muscles

    - distension or swelling

    - other signs of blood loss, especially pallor, sweating, faintness or thirst. 

Note: Internal bleeding may be accompanied by any of the signs and symptoms of major bleeding.  Cardiac arrest can occur if enough blood is lost. 

3. If abdominal pain continues, seek medical aid immediately. 

4. Do not allow the casualty food or drink if pain continues or if there are signs of internal bleeding.  

** Contact St John Ambulance, Norfolk Island to sign up for a first aid course to learn DRSABCD.  The life you help save with these essential skills could be that of a loved one. 

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Cheryl Tennis Club News

Friday, May 25, 2018

On Monday we farewell Sam Cribb and Danny Nobbs who is accompanying Sam back to Fiji.  We know that Sam will perform to his very best and this huge honour shows how well Sam played while there a few weeks ago.  All the very best Sam and thanks again to Danny for his commitment to our Juniors and taking time out of his family’s life.  Please read below for more details about these events.

As the Cheryl Tennis Club had a Girls on Court day for Cancer awareness last year we are now happy to announce our Men’s version of this.  We would like to invite any males on the island to the Cheryl Tennis Club on Thursday 14th June for a free health check.  The club will be open and operating from 5.30- 6.30pm for the Health Check, so that those men playing soccer and tennis can access this great initiative prior to play.  We will also be offering a sausage sizzle for those who attend the evening.  So even though you may not normally come along, this is an open invitation to do so as we are very keen to promote Mens Health.  This is a great initiative from Wagni and Central / Eastern Sydney Primary Health.  So if you have been wondering what your blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index is then come along.  There is also a By Men… For Men… Prize Draw.  So lets get behind Mens Health Week and do this for the blokes!

The cold nights are starting to draw in and a few of the comps are looking a little smaller than usual.  Although having said that on Tuesday night we did see some new faces at tennis and it was lovely to welcome Tanya Delaney who had a great night and played some awesome shots.  So if you are looking for a great night out ladies where you can give those muscles a stretch as well then come along to our ladies comp night.  Teams will be formed in the next week.  Next Tuesday we are having a potluck following our tennis to farewell Tanya Smith, who unfortunately for us is heading back to Broome, so come along with a plate of food to share.

We hope to kick start Mavis Cup later this term as we are hosting a few events over the next few weeks, namely the Bounty Gala Day on June 10th at 2pm, and the Tourist Ministers Cup.  The list for Mavis has grown which is great but it is always good to have a lot of people to share the fun.  The cost is $5.00 per person.  If you are interested in playing a social game of tennis on a Saturday afternoon at 4.30pm then please give Gill a call on 56878 to get involved.  If you are interested and can’t find a partner then let us know and we will do our best to find one!  It is a great comp for those wanting to get back into tennis or for those who enjoy having a hit, so get along for a fun weekend comp!

Upcoming Events: Bounty Gala Day - Sunday June 10th starting at 2pm.  Please contact your families captain if you are able to play:  Helen Dowling /Adams family; Craig Buffett/Buffett family, Tanya Randall/Christian family; Gae Quintal/Nobbs family; Rossco Quintal/Quintal family.  Save the date- Gala Night -Junior Fundraiser Saturday 1st September.  Keep watching for more details about this exciting evening!

Junior Report:

Norfolk Island is off to the 2018 Pacific Nations Cup!

Whilst competing in the West Pacific Regional Championships this month in Fiji, Sam Cribb was asked to represent Norfolk Island and take part in the 2018 Pacific Nations Cup.  This event will be held in Lautoka Fiji from the 31st May to 5th June. 

This is an International Tennis Federation (I.T.F.) sanctioned and funded tournament for the Pacific region and will be an invaluable opportunity for Sam and other Pacific Island players. The Nations Cup will bring together the best tennis players in the Pacific and will be a prelude to what we will expect in tennis for the Pacific Games in 2019. Other Nations competing in this event include Fiji, American Samoa, Cook Islands, FSM, Kiribati, NMI, Palau, PNG, Samoa, Solomon Islands, Tahiti, Tonga, Tuvalu & Vanuatu. 

As this is a National team competition, Sam will be teaming up with a player from PNG, Matthew Stubbins.  Matthew lives in Australia but has played Davis Cup for the Pacific. This is a fantastic opportunity for Sam to further develop his tennis and gain insight and knowledge from other high ranked players. The format for this competition will be similar to a Davis Cup event.   

Danny Nobbs will be accompanying Sam on this trip as coach/manager.  On behalf of Sam and the Cheryl Tennis Club, we would like to thank Danny for his support and guidance that he will provide to Sam.  Sam would also like to thank Melissa, Danny and Jimmy for their coaching advice and sharing their expertise with him.  We wish Sam all the best in Fiji next week and know he will do Norfolk proud.

From the West Pacific to the Pacific Oceania Junior Championships

In July, Sam will again be returning to Fiji along with Hannah Wright to compete in the Pacific Oceania Junior Championships.  They both qualified for this event by finishing in the top 4 for their age group at the recent West Pacific Regional’s.  This is a huge achievement to have 2 Norfolk Island representatives at this tournament.  They represent and play for the West Pacific and compete against East and North Pacific countries.  The standard of this tournament is extremely high with some of the players already having world rankings in the junior ranks. The top players at this tournament are then invited to go on an Australian tour at the end of the year.

Hannah and Sam will continue their training for the next coming weeks so they can go back to Fiji and be competitive with the best in the Pacific.  Hannah and Sam are great ambassadors for Norfolk and we know they will put in the hard work and do Norfolk proud. 

Photos show both Sam and Hannah in finals action in Fiji.


Court Hire:  Visitors and non-members are welcome to play during the day at a cost of $16 per hour- Night rates are $18 per hour. However, members are able to have free use of the courts during the day, or pay $12 per hour in the evenings when there are no comps being played. Please use the Honesty Box if the courts are unattended.

Ball Machine Hire:   Should you wish to hire the Ball machine to improve your skills, cost to members is $6 per half-hour & $10 per hour; and to Non-members, $15 per half-hour and $25 per hour.  Please be mindful of our neighbours and do not use the ball machine before 7am on Sunday mornings.  Thank you.

Venue Hire:  Looking for a great place to host your next event.  Why not try the Cheryl Tennis club?  Bar facilities available on request and facilities can cater for up to 100 people. 

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Stronger Communities Grants

Thursday, May 24, 2018

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