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Cheryl Tennis Club

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Well a few things happening this week in regards to tennis.  We have Sam Cribb back in Fiji and at the time of writing this, no firm results of his efforts, but if you tune into the Cheryl Tennis Club Face Book page you can see all the results as they come to hand. 

Save the Date:  Just a reminder to get yourself down to the Cheryl Tennis Club on Thursday 14th June for a Mens free health check.  The club will be open and operating from 5.30- 6.30pm for the Health Check, so that those men playing soccer and tennis can access this great initiative prior to play.  We will also be offering a sausage sizzle for those who attend the evening.  So even though you may not normally come along, this is an open invitation to do so as we are very keen to promote Mens Health.  This is a great initiative from Wagni and Central / Eastern Sydney Primary Health.  So if you have been wondering what your blood pressure, blood sugar, body mass index is then come along.  There is also a By Men… For Men… Prize Draw.  So let’s get behind Mens Health Week and do this for the blokes!

Monday mens comp had a few of the regulars turning up braving the cold.  If you are keen to play, come along for a 6pm start. 

Tuesday ladies night had some great games of tennis with some exciting rallies.  We are attracting a few injuries each week, it must be the competitive nature of our ladies!  We said farewell to Tanya Smith, who has been a very welcome addition to our Tuesday ladies night and wish her well with her return to Broome.   If you are interested in playing in this fun ladies night please come along on Tuesday at 6pm, all welcome as we are starting a new comp!

Thursday night sees our social tennis night with no commitment necessary just turn up and play!  If you are looking for a faster pace, then we also offer Soccer as well on this night from 6pm.

Bounty Gala Day is on June 10th at 2pm.  Please contact your families Captain if you can play: Helen Dowling /Adams family; Craig Buffett/Buffett family; Tanya Randall/Christian family; Gae Quintal/Nobbs family; Rossco Quintal/Quintal family &; Emma Wright All comers!    

Mavis Cup: It’s not too late to put your name down for Mavis cup our social weekend comp!  The cost is $5.00 per person.  If you are interested in playing a social game of tennis on a Saturday afternoon at 4.30pm then please give Gill a call on 56878 to get involved.  If you are interested and can’t find a partner then let us know and we will do our best to find one!  It is a great comp for those wanting to get back into tennis or for those who enjoy having a hit, so get along for a fun weekend comp!

Upcoming Events: Bounty Gala Day - Sunday June 10th - 2pm.  Save the date- Mens Health Check Thursday 14th June, 5.30-6.30pm Gala Night -Junior Fundraiser Saturday 1st September.  Keep watching for more details about this exciting evening!

Court Hire:  Visitors and non-members are welcome to play during the day at a cost of $16 per hour- Night rates are $18 per hour. However, members are able to have free use of the courts during the day, or pay $12 per hour in the evenings when there are no comps being played. Please use the Honesty Box if the courts are unattended.

Ball Machine Hire:   Should you wish to hire the Ball machine to improve your skills, cost to members is $6 per half-hour & $10 per hour; and to Non-members, $15 per half-hour and $25 per hour.  Please be mindful of our neighbours and do not use the ball machine before 7am on Sunday mornings.  Thank you.

Venue Hire:  Looking for a great place to host your next event.  Why not try the Cheryl Tennis club?  Bar facilities available on request and facilities can cater for up to 100 people. 

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Councillors needs you input into the Operational Plan for 2018/2019

Thursday, May 31, 2018

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News from the World of Norfolk

Thursday, May 31, 2018

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Document on Public Exhibition

Thursday, May 31, 2018

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Police Report 31 May 2018

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Bounty Day – 8 June

We wish everyone on the island a happy Bounty Day on Friday and a great day of celebrating with family and friends.

As we do every year, we will be ensuring the safety of participants and spectators with the road closures in the Kingston area. These will be commencing at 9.00am to allow the safe movement of the parade. 


Please arrive before 9.00am so that you will not be inconvenienced by the road closures

Norfolk Island Police Force Constable William Fellowes on horseback at Bounty Day 1932 (Photo courtesy Norfolk Island Museum)

New Justice of the Peace Service

We are pleased to announce that we are now able to provide a Justice of the Peace service at the Police Station as Deb (Fishy) has been appointed as a JP of Norfolk Island.

Justices of the Peace can:

- attest to the execution of a document

- witness an affidavit for use in court

- witness a statutory declaration

- certify a true copy of an original document

- certify a person’s identity.

Call ahead if you need assistance with a large number of documents. Otherwise, just pop into the station during office hours.

Reports of Unsafe Firearm Use

We’d like to remind our firearm licence holders of their obligations under the Firearms and Prohibited Weapons Act when using firearms near public areas.

The law is very clear that a “A person must not knowingly or carelessly or negligently discharge a firearm on, from, towards or across a public road, public street or public place” or “discharge a firearm to endanger, annoy or frighten, or in a manner that is likely to endanger, annoy or frighten, the public or a person” without a lawful excuse.

These laws are in place for the safety of the public.

National Police Checks

If you are a resident of Norfolk Island who requires a police check, you are required to obtain a National Police Check from the Australian Federal Police.

Further information and application forms can be obtained from:


Phone 22222 or 000 for Police enquiries, attendance and emergencies. If the station is unattended, please use the courtesy telephone located near the front door to contact on duty or on-call Police officers 24/7.

Norfolk Island Police Force                           

PO Box 470                                        Email: 

Norfolk Island 2899                            Facebook:

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Grant Writing Workshop on Norfolk Island

Thursday, May 31, 2018

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NI Junior Rugby League match report for Sunday 27th May.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Midget B’s – Central Service Station Golds 52 drew with NIO Blues 52.

Try Scorers for Central Service Station Golds – Eroni Kanaitoma x 7, Elijah Ratelevu x 3, Xavier King x 2, Zhyler Cawit x 1. 

Try scorers for NIO Blues – Max Mietzel x 7, Lachie McCoy x 3, Connor Henderson x 2, Zac Randall x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Max Mietzel.


Midget B’s – Car Beat Et/NIDS Greens 52 defeated Christian Baileys Agencies Reds 48.

Try scorers for Car Beat Et/NIDS Greens – Alickson Kalsrap x 4, Traydon Wora x 4, Nate Christian-Bailey x 4, Ella-Kaye Ellis x 1.

Try scorers for Christian Baileys Agencies Reds – Rocco Menghetti x 3, Vilikesa Ratelevu x 3, Josiah Carr x 2, Mace Sanders x 2, Pierce Webb x 1, Tyler Pashley x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Nate Christian-Bailey.


Midget A’s – Paradise Reds 34 defeated Castaway Greens 20.


Try scorers for Paradise Reds – Illi Bulisuva x 1, Jack Richards x 1, Joseph Snell x 1, Asher Garden x 1, Michael Shone x 1, Cassie McCoy x 1, Stefan Kalangis x 1. Conversions – Stefan Kalangis x 1, Jai Henderson x 1, Mia Pashley x 1.

Try scorers for Castaway Greens – Vinnie Martinovich x 2, George Peay x 1, Leeloo Evans x 1, Wendell Fell x 1.

Refs Player of the day – George Peay.


Junior B’s – Jolly Roger Blues 36 defeated Hot Krust Purples 28.


Try scorers for the Jolly Roger Blues – Cameron Christian x 3, Brandon Borg x 1, JD Buffett x 1, Dylan Bruce x 1, Patrick O’Hare x 1, Jesse Schmitz x 1. Conversions – Dylan Bruce x 1, Cameron Christian x 1.

Try scorers for the Hot Krust Purples – Ben Elliott x 3, Tom Kelly x 2, Ben Christian x 1. Conversions – Tom Kelly x 2.

Refs Player of the day – Tom Kelly.

Girls League Tag – Greens 28 defeated Reds 24.


Try scorers for the Greens – Tahlia Evans x 2, T’Sharn Evans x 2, Hannah Wright x 2, Maycee Deszecsar x 1.

Try scorers for the Reds – Camelita McCoy x 2, Carolynn Morgan x 1, Olivia John x 1, Mikayla Sharkey x 1, Telani Schmitz x 1.

Refs Player of the day – Carmelita McCoy.


Junior A’s – No Game. Thanks to all that turned up to play, hopefully we get enough for a game this week.

Hot Krust Bakery player of the week – Eroni Kanaitoma.


Game times for Sunday 3rd June at the Bicentennial Oval.


Midget B’s training - 10:00am

Midget B’s – Christian Bailey Agencies Reds V Car Beat Et/NIDS Greens – 10:15am

Midget B’s – Central Service Station Golds V NIO Blues – 10:15am

Midget A’s – Castaway Greens V Paradise Reds - 11:00am

Junior B’s – Jolly Roger Blues V Hot Krust Purples - 11:45am

Girls League Tag – Greens V  Reds - 12:30pm

Junior A’s – Bedrock Golds V Norfolk Online Blues - 1:15pm

Could all players please be at the ground 30 minutes before kick-off.

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Thursday, May 31, 2018

NIWOC held an AGM on Wed 23 May 2018 at

the Clubhouse, and would like to welcome the following new Committee for 2018/2019:

President – Damien Snell

Vice President – Rob Rowston

Secretary – Sam Quintal

Treasurer – Liane Oldfield

General Committee:

Kym Adams

Lisa Richards

Lance Miller

Chermayne Fong

Megan Evans

Heather Cross


If anyone has any queries or anything to raise, please feel free to contact one of the above Committee members. A massive thank-you to the outgoing Committee for all your hard work and dedication to NIWOC - it has been greatly appreciated!


NIWOC will be holding a Cake Stall today Saturday 02 June in the Norfolk Mall, from 8am-12pm.

This is to support our Juniors going away to the Sunshine Coast at the end of Sept, for the Junior National Marathon Championships and the Trans-Tasman Gubbi Gubbi.

If you are able to contribute to the cake stall, please drop off your baking from 8am onwards.

Any enquiries please contact Sam Quintal on 50354.

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Bowls Report by Ballzup.

Thursday, May 31, 2018

Another amazing week of results at the Norfolk Island Bowling Club with the commencement of the Ladies and the Men’s Club Fours Championships for the year. With the greens now appearing to go dormant a little with the cooler weather that we are experiencing, the speed of the greens has picked up and the surface finish has come back well after the renovations earlier this year. But that bloody wind is still there to challenge people.

Last Saturday, the Men’s opened their program with 6 teams entered and the match Committee deciding that a straight knock-out would be played, with this, two teams had the bye for the week but the results of the other two games played were: the team of Peter Walkinshaw,  Spider Webb, Jeff Pledger & Mark Carroll were always in control of this game against Culla Graham, Barry Wilson, Trev Gow and Moochie Christian by defeating them 21-11; in the other game played the team of Brent Pauling, Wes Cooper, Gary Bigg & Peter Glass played a very consistent game to defeat Ryan Dixon, Matt Bigg, Haydn Evans & Dave Magri 22-18. The semi-finals will be played today at 1pm.

The social games played on Saturday, the game results were: Mick Godfrey, Tim Sheridan, Vivian Bigg & Jan Williams defeated Stephen Mathews, Kate Smith, Brent Johnstone & John (visitor) 19-16; and Phil Jones, Graeme Woolley, & Marg Buffett defeated Ester Sanchez, Barry Jones & Kitha Bailey 32-8.

On Sunday last, the Mixed Fours Championships commenced and it was great to see that the Club had 4 juniors amongst the teams played.  The results were: Ryan Dixon, Brent Pauling, Chrissie Pauling & Ellie Dixon defeated Phil Jones, Petal Jones, Maycee Deszacsar & Mark Carroll 24-11; the team of Wendy Nagy, John Nagy, Gary Bigg & Brent Johnstone defeated Jeff Pledger, Trev Gow, Dave Magri & Tracey Wora 18-16; Tim Sheridan, Shae Wilson, Jonny Sheridan & Moochie Christian defeated Kate Smith, Marg O’Brien, Barry Jones & Graeme Woolley 24-20 with Kate’s side trailing 19-4 early but to their good play got the score back to 19-18 before Tim’s side were lucky in picking up 4 shots to lead by 5 with 3 ends to play and managed to hang on for the win.; in the final game played Peter Walkinshaw, Ester Sanchez, Liz Walkinshaw & Barry Wilson defeated Culla Graham, Stephen Mathews, Tess Evans & Peter Glass 29-20, after being down 17-3 after only 9 ends, so a very good come back from Pete’s team as well for the win, but then again an 8 shot end will always bring a team back into the game. Poor Culla, two losses in two days, they say that he’s going back gardening.

Last Wednesday the Ladies commenced their Fours Championship but with only 4 teams entered their Match Committee decided to hold a round-robin and the results of the first round are: the team of Petal Jones, Ester Sanchez, Chrissie Pauling & Shae Wilson defeated Ann Snell, Jackie Ryan, Jan Williams & Ling Glass 34-9; and Tess Evans, Marie Hodgetts, Marg Buffett & Tracey Wora defeated Marg O’Brien, Kate Smith, Maycee Deszacsar & Wendy Nagy in a very good game 20-18. The next round will be played next Wednesday.

In the social games played the results were: Haydn Evans, Peter Glass & Brent Johnstone defeated Stephen Mathews, Graeme Woolley & Ester Trickey 24-10; and Mick Godfrey & Norm Trickey defeated Neil McWaters & Kitha Bailey 25-7.

Bowls today will have the semi-finals of the men’s fours championships being played with the teams of Brent Pauling Vs Tim Sheridan, and Pete Walkinshaw Vs Neil McWaters.

Tomorrow Sunday, the semi-finals of the mixed fours will be played with the games between Tim Sheridan Vs Ryan Dixon, and Wendy Nagy Vs Pete Walkinshaw.

DID YOU KNOW: that Dave Allen, Bowls reporter and photographer for World Bowls will be visiting Norfolk Island from the 5th – 9th June to write up on Norfolk Bowls.  Make sure that you make him welcome and say hello.

STAY TUNED: for the Men’s Health Check-Up day later in June, more on this next week.

The Bowling Club Bistro continues to trade very well and is open from 5:30pm every evening with great meal selections on offer plus black-board specials.

Care is to be taken when entering the Club as works are commencing on the new paved walkway and to the gate and to the front of the Club.  Please stay well clear of the work area.

See you all on the greens.

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Norfolk Island Chamber is Making it Happen

Thursday, May 31, 2018

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