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NOTICE - Probus Club

Friday, April 27, 2018


The May meeting of the Probus Club of Norfolk Island will be held at Christians Cave on Tuesday 1 May at 9.30 am for a 9.45 am start.  Our special guest speaker will be Norfolk Island theatrical identity Monica Anderson who will share her stories about life in the theatre on Norfolk Island. Non-members and visitors are very welcome to attend. See you there. Any enquiries please call Clare on 53460.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

ST John Ambulance Report 18th April 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

First Aid Training & Community First Aid Classes

Please email all enquiries to

Skill Drill

The next Skill Drill will be held on Tuesday 24 April at the St John shed on Grassy Road. Please join us from 630pm for a 7pm training start. New members are always welcome. 

Volunteers Needed

Please email your expression of interest to volunteer with this important community organisation to

St John Tips: Drug and alcohol misuse 

Drug and alcohol misuse, either accidental or deliberate, may lead to intoxication or poisoning.  The personal and social costs of substance abuse are enormous and may include disability, loss of good health, and even loss of life.  These result in increased health care costs, and loss of productivity. 

Legal and illegal substances are implicated in a significant number of hospital admissions, child abuse cases, suicides, road accident deaths, assaults, domestic violence, family disruption and crime.  

Illnesses range from ruptured stomach linings and peptic ulcers, to heart disease, liver disease and brain damage.  Injuries result from vehicle crashes, pedestrian rundowns, drowning, interpersonal violence and sexual assault. 

Substance use, dependence and addiction

The term 'drug' describes substances, which, when taken, cause some specific or abnormal physical or mental change.  Drugs may be swallowed, injected or inhaled for many reasons including pain relief, to promote recovery from illness, for other medicinal purposes, for pleasure, for peer group approval, and to escape from problems.  Drugs include legal substances such as alcohol, tobacco, and prescribed and over-the-counter medication, as well as those which are illegal. 

Whether the substance is legal or illegal, the use of some drugs can lead to dependency and addiction.  In the case of alcohol, drugs of addiction and some stimulants, the more often they are taken, the less effective they are on the body because the body builds up a tolerance to them or gets rid of them quicker.  The result may be that casualties or users keep increasing the dose to achieve the same effect.  

A person is dependent on a substance when the substance is needed to function normally (eg insulin for a diabetic), or when the person feels it is needed.  

Dependency on drugs may be purely psychological (eg a craving for tobacco or coffee) which is referred to as habituation.  If to this psychological craving is added the element of physical dependency, then one speaks of a true addiction.  In this latter case, the addict needs to absorb the drug continuously and in increasing doses to prevent the appearance or development of uncontrollable physical signs.  The sudden stopping of drugs or alcohol to someone who is either habituated or addicted is referred to as 'going cold turkey'.  

Those with a dependence on a substance, who develop an overwhelming and uncontrollable physical or psychological craving for it, have an addiction.  

When a person with an addiction to a substance, stops using it, withdrawal symptoms will occur.  This causes severe mental and physical distress, including such symptoms as irritability, aggression, anger and restlessness.  Withdrawal from some drugs of addiction, including alcohol, produces delirium tremens or the 'DTs' which may be associated with seizures and death.  

Important Phone Numbers:

St John Ambulance 000

Norfolk Island Counselling Services 22091

Police 22222

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Police Report - 28 April 2018

Friday, April 27, 2018

Minding your Business

We are pleased to announce that we have now started and given the role of Business Liaison to our Administration Officer Deb “Fishy” Steven to work closely with businesses to ensure business owners and workers know how to keep themselves and their businesses safe.

Fishy will be speaking with business owners and staff to update the Norfolk Island Keyholder Register which assists us in contacting the nominated person should they be required to attend after hours. She will also be speaking with businesses about any security matters of concern.

Whilst security should be adapted to suit the individual needs of your business, our general advice is to:

•        Install (and use) adequate external security doors, screens and locks.

•        Record details of the assets of your business and mark them for identification purposes.

•        Install a securely anchored safe, keeping it locked when not in use and limit access to keys and the combination to a small number of trusted persons only.

•        Establish secure cash handling and banking procedures (and follow them).

•        Develop clear policies that reduce the risk of internal and external fraud.

•        Keep Police phone numbers nearby and contact us in the event of an emergency or crime.

Smoko with the Popo

At 10am on Thursday 3 May, Officers will be sitting down with members of the local community for our next “Coffee with a Cop” event. This will be held at the Wrap & Roll Cafe.

Coffee with a Cop is a worldwide police initiative to invite members of the public to share a coffee with their local police to discuss issues, raise questions or just get to know a little more about the activities and role of your police force. So come down on Thursday to share a coffee with us.


Phone 22222 or 000 for Police enquiries, attendance and emergencies. If the station is unattended, please use the courtesy telephone located near the front door to contact on duty or on-call Police officers 24/7.

Norfolk Island Police Force                           

PO Box 470                                        Email: 

Norfolk Island 2899                            Facebook:

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Principal's Report

Friday, April 27, 2018

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Netball Draw Saturday 28th April

Thursday, April 26, 2018

Can all players please be at the courts at least 15 mins before your games start time.


Flames vs. Willies

Scorers: Bounty Mutineers

Umpires: Bounty Mutineers & 4th Team


Bounty Mutineers vs. 4th Team

Scorers: Flames

Umpires: Flames & Willies

Clean up: 4th Team

Please 'contact us' for more information.

The Community Arts Society Inc. are conducting -

Friday, April 06, 2018

ISLAND DANCE  CLASSES with Heipua from Tahiti.

Dance classes will be held from Sun 22nd  April – 3rd May 2018 and will consist of a minimum of 10 Lessons. For Bookings or further information please TEXT Maree mob 54016 or email

* Girls 5 – 9 year olds - 3:00 pm – 3:45 pm. Cost $75. * Girls 10 - 12 year olds - 3:45 pm – 4:45 pm Cost $75. * Teenage Girls– 5:00 -7:00 pm – Cost $100.00. Full payment must be received before or at the first lesson.


Harry from Cook Islands will be teaching Island Cultural drumming classes from Mon 23rd April – 3rd May 2018 Classes will consist of a minimum of 10 lessons. At present Drum Lessons will be held evenings 7:30 pm. Hopefully depending on numbers and school holidays it may be possible for school students to have lessons during the day. For Bookings and further info please TEXT Donald mob 50586 or email  The cost- school students $100. Adults $150 Full payment for each person must be received before or at the first lesson.

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Hotel front desk

Thursday, April 05, 2018

A hotel guest calls the front desk and the clerk answers, "May I help you?"

The man says, "Yes, I'm in room 858. You need to send someone to my room immediately. I'm having an argument with my wife and she says she's going to jump out the window."

The desk clerk says, "I'm sorry, sir, but that's a personal issue."

The man replies, "Listen you idiot. The window won't open and that's a maintenance issue."

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