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Breast Screening Clinic at NIHRACS

Thursday, August 09, 2018
Monday 3 September to Thursday 6 September 2018

What is happening?

Sydney Breast Clinic will be conducting a breast screening clinic at NIHRACS from Monday 3 September to Thursday 6 September 2018.

Who are Sydney Breast Clinic?

Sydney Breast Clinic is a private company based in Sydney NSW who specialise in breast diagnostic and imaging services. NIHRACS have engaged Sydney Breast Clinic to conduct the breast screening clinic. Further information on Sydney Breast Clinic is available from their website or via phone (+61 2) 1300 65 30 65.

What is a breast screen?

A breast screen (also known as a mammogram) is an x-ray of your breasts. The x-ray pictures can detect the presence of breast cancers before they can be seen or felt.      

What are the benefits of a breast screen?

A breast screen or mammogram can find very small cancers – the size of a grain of rice – before they can be felt or noticed by you or your doctor
When breast cancer is found early, the cancer is more likely to be small, which is when treatment is most successful
Finding breast cancer early means a better chance of survival
For women over 50, a screening mammogram is the best method for early detection of breast cancer

Why is early detection of breast cancer important?

Breast cancer treatment is most effective when cancers are still small. Early detection can mean treatment of breast cancer is less invasive, survival rates are better, and women can get back to their normal lives more quickly.

Should I get a breast screen done?

The following age guide provides information on whether a breast screen is recommended for you.

Age: Under 40
As you are at lower risk of developing breast cancer, breast screens aren’t encouraged for women in your age group. Also, as breast density is higher in women under 40, it can be harder for screening mammograms to detect small cancers.

Age: 40-49

You can attend for a screening mammogram, but breast screening is less effective for women in your age group. You can speak to your GP about whether breast screening is right for you.

Age: 50-74
We recommend you have your free screening mammogram once every two years. Breast screening is recommended for women aged 50-74 because the majority of breast cancers occur in this age group.

Age: Over 74
You can attend for a screening mammogram, however you should speak to your doctor first about whether breast screening is a priority for you. 

How much will the breast screen cost?

For women aged over 40 who hold a Medicare card, it is free.  For women aged under 40, men of all ages, and individuals who do not hold a valid Medicare card the fee is $126.10.

How will I receive my breast screen results?

Your breast screen x-ray will be taken back to Sydney and read onsite at the Sydney Breast Clinic. Sydney Breast Clinic will then mail the results of your breast screen directly to you at your home address or PO Box. 
What happens after I receive my results?

The results of your breast screen test will tell you whether further testing is required. Further testing is known as “Assessment”.  Less than 1 in 10 cases are recommended for assessment, and does not mean that breast cancer has been found. If your results recommend further assessment is needed, this cannot be done on Norfolk Island. You will need to travel to mainland Australia.

What are my options for further assessment?

You have the option of undertaking your assessment with Sydney Breast Clinic, or transitioning to the public system. 

If you decide to continue with Sydney Breast Clinic, fees and charges will apply for the assessment. Please contact Sydney Breast Clinic for further information. If you hold private health insurance, please check with your insurer whether these fees and charges may be covered. 

If you wish to transition to the public system you must hold a Medicare card, and you will be required to undertake the screening process again with the public screening provider. Please contact the relevant public screening provider in the state or territory you will visit to discuss further. 

NSW: or 13 20 50

QLD: or 13 20 50

VIC: or 13 20 50

Will NIPTAAS apply if I am recommended for assessment?

Yes, you are able to claim NIPTAAS if you are recommended for further assessment. Please include your results letter recommending the need for further assessment, along with the signed NIPTAAS paperwork when submitting your claim.

For further information on NIPTAAS, please contact NIHRACS on 22091 or pick up a NIPTAAS brochure in person at NIHRACS. 

How to make an appointment:

In order to attend the breast screening clinic you must make an appointment in advance. 

To book an appointment, please call NIHRACS on 24134. Appointments will last for approximately 15-20 minutes. Please arrive at least 10 minutes prior to your scheduled appointment time in order to complete the necessary paperwork required by Sydney Breast Clinic.  Please bring your Medicare card with you to the appointment. 

Further information:

For any further queries you may have about the breast screening clinic, please contact NIHRACS on 22091.


NIHRACS would like to acknowledge and thank Breast Screen Service Norfolk Island for their ongoing work, support and dedication in assisting the development of this important service.  Without them this service would not have been possible. 

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