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Bowls report by Ballzup.

Friday, November 01, 2019

The Representatives for the Men’s Champion of Champions have been decided over the past two weeks, with terrific bowls being played and the winner of the Men’s section needed to defeat the current Club Champion and the Current representative for this years Champion of Champions. Well done to Mick Godfrey on qualifying for the 2020 Championship to be held in Adelaide.

The results of the men’s final games played last weekend were: Game 19. Ryan Dixon defeated Mark Carroll 17-1, 13-0 (nothing more to say); G20. Graeme Woolley defeated Neil McWaters 9-5, 6-4; G22. Graeme Woolley defeated Ryan Dixon 11-3, 11-5; G23. Haydn Evans defeated Graeme Woolley 10-7, 8-4. FINAL 1st game. Haydn Evans defeated Mick Godfrey 11-8, 8-7; and in the 2nd game (as it was a two life system and Mick had only lost the one game), Mick Godfrey defeated Hayden Evans 12-1, 14-7; in what was a comprehensive win to Mick over the current champion.

Social bowls were also played with the results thus: Tim Sheridan, Wes Cooper & Irene Buffett defeated Mick Godfrey, Norm Trickey & Tracey Wora 17-13; and Pete Walkinshaw, John Wilkes & Kevin Harvey drew 15-15 all with Haydn Evans, Peter Simpson & Harold Roper.

The ladies commenced their Champion of Champion competition last weekend with the results being: Game 1. Shae Wilson defeated Petal Jones 7-7, 11-6; G2. Kitha Bailey defeated Debby Adams 12-2, 9-7; G3. Ann Snell defeated Tess Evans 7-4, 9-4; G4. Ellie Dixon defeated Maycee Deszecsar 8-9, 9-4, 4-0; G5. Shae Wilson defeated Vivian Bigg 11-4, 8-7; G6. Kitha Bailey defeated Annie Pledger 16-4, 10-7; G7. Vivian Bigg defeated Debby Adams 13-0, 12-2; G8. Petal Jones defeated Annie Pledger 8-7, 13-5; G9. G9. Vivian Bigg defeated Tess Evans 9-6, 11-4; G10. Petal Jones defeated Maycee Deszecsar 9-3, 6-6; G11. Shae Wilson defeated Ann Snell 8-3, 7-5; and G12. Ellie Dixon defeated Kitha Bailey 7-7, 10-3. G13.

The games continued on Wednesday with the results thus: G14. Petal Jones defeated Ann Snell 12-3, 13-1; G15. Shae Wilson defeated Ellie Dixon 10-8, 13-6 (which means that Shae remains the only undefeated person and awaits the 2nd life winner). G16. Vivian Bigg defeated Kitha Bailey 10-6, 12-6. G17. Petal Jones defeated Vivian Bigg 9-4, 12-2. With one game to play in the losers section (Petal Vs Ellie) it will be interesting to see who gets to play Shae in the final when it is played.  Social bowls were also played on Wednesday with the results being: Mick Godfrey, Irene Buffett & Esther Trickey defeated Tess Evans, Terry B (visitor) & Kitha Bailey 15-13; Ester Sanchez & Janice B (visitor) defeated Kate Smith & Brent Johnstone 19-13; and Neil McWaters, Graeme Woolley 7 Greg Purchase (visitor) defeated Haydn Evans, Norm Trickey & Debby Adams 18-14.

This week-end is the Club’s Memorial Day for bowls with A Day for Force being played. Teams of triples (3 persons) are encouraged to enter or single entries will be accepted. Start time will be 2pm with a BBQ on completion. Results for the day were winners marie Forsyth, Khan Forsyth & Jan Williams defeating Mick Williams, Danny Forsyth & Brett Bergagnin 26-5, RUP’s were Phil Jones, Petal Jones & Jett Pettit defeating Jimmy, Louie & Karen Quintal 27-9, with a close 3rd in Mark Carroll, Steve Winters & Tracey Wora defeating Norm Trickey, John Kane & Esther Trickey 20-12. Other results on the day were: Martin Rogers, John Wilkes & Pete Walkinshaw defeated Ann Snell, Brent Johnstone & Kitha Bailey 20-14, Mick Godfrey, Irene Buffett & Debby Adams defeated Ellie Dixon, Ryan Dixon & Paul (visitor) 18-17; Neil McWaters, Graeme Woolley & Marg Buffett defeated Jeff Pledger, Joseph Williams & Trev Gow 16-14; and Tim Sheridan, Tony Mitchell & Maycee Deszecsar defeated Kieran Glass, Jenice (visitor) and Jeanne Forsyth 22-15. A terrific afternoon of social bowls and this will be an annual event, Memorial Day for past members.

The Club’s two representatives for the 2019 Champion of Champions left for Adelaide last Friday and the members wish both Shae Wilson and Haydn Evans good luck with their games. Scores can be found on the World Bowls website, with competition commencing on Monday last. Results up to Wednesday were:

Shae: Win England 13-2, 12-8, Win Zimbabwe 12-6, 12-5, Loss Namibia 5-9, 8-9, Win Botswana 15-6, 9-4, Win Isle of Man 11-5, 13-2, Loss Australia 13-3, 8-10, 2-3. Shae currently is placed 3rd in her section of 10 teams.

In the Men’s section, Hayden results are: Loss Israel 16-1, 6-8, 2-3, Loss Ireland 4-11, 3-12, Loss Guernsey 6-6, 3-11, Loss Fiji 16-3, 7-8, 1-2, Win Botswana 9-8, 15-8, Win Singapore 7-5, 12-4, Win Japan 12-9, 13-6. Hayden currently is placed 8th in his section of 14 teams. The full results will be in the next edition of Ballzup.

On Wednesday last the ladies hosted a social day of bowls with the results thus: Tess Evans, Norm Trickey & Kieran Glass defeated Jackie Ryan, Ashley Blewer (visitor) & Debby Adams 27-10; Kate Smith, Brent Johnstone & Irene Buffett defeated Neil McWaters, Graeme Woolley & Esther Trickey 20-14; and Petal Jones, Mick Godfrey & Kitha Bailey defeated John Groat, Mark Carroll & Cheryl 22-10.

Don’t forget that the Club’s Bistro trades 7 days per week for both lunch (closes at 2pm) and dinner from 5:30pm til late.

See you all on the greens soon.

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