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Thursday, June 07, 2018

As part of the application of the Public Health Act 2010 (NSW) (NI) (the Act), drinking water suppliers are expected to develop a drinking water Quality Assurance Program (QAP) by November 2018. To assist relevant businesses and the Council in drafting the QAP, the Department of Infrastructure, Regional Development and Cities has engaged Atom Consulting who will be on island between 18 and 22 June 2018.

Atom Consulting have a strong background in developing QAPs for both businesses and local government. They will be working with the Council to develop the QAP templates and guidelines for Norfolk Island and will have time to meet with businesses to discuss the requirements of the QAPs.

Atom Consulting will be at Governors Lodge between the following times:
• Tuesday 19 June between 9:00am -12noon
• Wednesday 20 June between 12:30pm and 4:00pm
• Thursday 21 June between 9:00am -12noon

No appointments are necessary and interested parties are invited to call in and have a chat.

Atom Consulting will also be conducting targeted stakeholder meetings while they are on island. If you would like further information about the targeted meetings and wish to be involved, please register your interest at Customer Care.

In addition to the visit from Atom Consulting, the Council is also available to assist the following businesses who have responsibilities under the Act:

• Public Swimming Pools and Spas:
o To which the public is admitted as membership of a club
o Provided at a workplace for the use of employees
o Provided at a hotel, motel or guest house or at holiday units, or a similar facility, for the use of guests
o Provided at a school or hospital.
• Businesses offering Skin Penetration Procedures

If your organisation has any questions relating to the changes, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Care on local freecall 0100 or by emailing

PJ Wilson
7 June 2018

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