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Anglicare is celebrating its third year serving Norfolk Island!

Friday, July 05, 2019

We have recently purchased new books for our Street Library and have just received new equipment for our playgroups.

The Anglicare Children’s Library is now open for borrowing! Books can be borrowed from:

  • Our office at 102A Taylors Road 9am – 4pm most days
  • Our funky street Library box outside the office - 24 hours

Please look after our books and return the ones you have read for a new one.  We have a range of books aimed at children from birth through to toddlers, including a range of novels for primary school. Our love for a book usually relates to the person who read that story to us - a parent, grand-parent or special person in our life. Reading to and with children, is one of the best gifts you can give them. More than just the emotional connection, reading aloud to children is considered the single most important activity to build the skills to learn to read.

We are excited to have more equipment for our playgroups including giant puzzles, giant fishing sets, painting easels. For our Thursday Mothers Group, we have added baby gyms.

Anglicare has welcomed new staff in 2019, introducing Sarah Robinson who is part of the driving force of our new Nature Playgroup titled ‘In A’ Stik’. Sarah has a Bachelor in Early Childhood and Primary Education. Sarah has over 15 years’ experience as a classroom teacher, as well as educating in preschool, child care & vocational care. Sarah is a passionate advocate of child-centred, play-based, creative learning. Sarah is inspired by the curriculums of Rudolf Steiner, the Netherlands & Finland and is passionate about outdoor education; connecting children with their natural environment, wholesome play & the world around them.

Trish Smith has joined the Anglicare team and is studying a Diploma in Early Childhood Education & Care. Trish has organised and ran volunteer Mothers groups which evolved into playgroups exploring various locations on Norfolk Island.

Combining Sarah and Trish’s passion in getting outdoors, there are plans for a Nature Playgroup for 0 – 5 years old’s. Look out for the information session on our brand new Nature Playgroup launching in just 2 weeks.

Mothers Group is still on during the school holidays, pop in for good coffee, meet other mums in the Anglicare Lounge Room at 102A Taylors Road. Contact 22232 for more information.

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