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INCREDIBLE! The amazing story of the birth and rebirth of a natural treasure - Phillip Island, South Pacific

Thursday, January 09, 2020
Phillip Island is near Norfolk Island, halfway between Sydney and Fiji. Before feral animals were released on Phillip Island, the island retained its natural sub-tropical vegetation and native fauna. The first disastrous action was release of pigs on the island in 1793. The settlers also introduced goats and rabbits to Phillip Island by 1830. By around 1860 the island had almost no vegetation apart from a few remnant trees. The pigs and goats appear to have died out when inadequate food remained to support them but the rabbits survived, preventing the growth of vegetation and allowing unrestricted erosion to continue. 

This book describes the island’s history and natural history, explaining how geological and geomorphological events helped shape the ecosystem. With a diversity of breeding seabirds and some of the world’s rarest plants, Phillip Island is a real natural treasure. Numerous photographs and maps show the wildlife and the spectacular revegetation. This is a landmark ecological case study and more. 


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