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QUEENS BIRTHDAY 2016 ... by Betty Matthews

Friday, June 10, 2016
Queen’s Birthday weekend has arrived, Monday 13th June is the day Norfolk Island, as part of the Commonwealth, celebrates our Monarch’s birthday.  This means there will be a long weekend for some of the Norfolk Island community.  As Norfolk Island work in the tourist industry there will be many staff members still at work on the public holiday.

It is often questioned why do we celebrate the Sovereigns birthday in June when her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II was born on 21st April 1926?  When searching on the internet, I found the suggestion that “June is summer time in the United Kingdom and hopefully settled fine weather for outdoor activities.”

Celebration of the Queen's Birthday in British Overseas Territories often coincides with celebration in the Norfolk Island, where the holiday is observed on the Monday after the second Saturday in June.

I also checked out the history of Queen’s birthday and this link was very helpful.

The day has been celebrated since 1788, when Governor Arthur Phillip declared a holiday to mark the birthday of the King of Great Britain. Until 1936, it was held on the actual birthday of the monarch, but, after the death of George V, it was decided to keep the date on the second Monday in June. This has served well to somewhat evenly space out public holidays throughout the year. While George V's successor, Edward VIII, also celebrated his birthday in June, the two sovereigns since have not. George VI's birthday was in December, very close to public holidays for Christmas, Boxing Day and New Year’s, while Elizabeth II's birthday falls shortly after holidays for Good Friday and Easter and very close to ANZAC Day.

Norfolk Island has strong links with the monarchy.

“The first visit to Norfolk Island by a reigning Monarch was on the 11th February 1974 when Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II visited Norfolk Island.  The Royal yacht Britannia anchored in Sydney Bay in the early hours on 11 February 1974 and Her Majesty was transported ashore in an Administration Launch.  Her Majesty was accompanied by His Royal Highness the Prince Philip (Duke of Edinburgh), Her Royal Highness the Princess Anne, and Captain Mark Phillips.  The Royal Party made a tour of the historic areas in Kingston during which the Queen laid a wreath on the cenotaph and named the “Queen Elizabeth Lookout”.

The “Queen Elizabeth Lookout” is another favourite place to stop when travelling down Rooty Hill Road, the viewpoint has a magnificent view of Kingston Historic Area, the Norfolk Island Golf club and ocean view out to Phillip and Nepean Islands.  It is a great spot to take photos for the splendid views.

“Queen Elizabeth Avenue” is named in the Queen’s honour upon Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II coronation on 2nd June 1953.  A wonderful sign can be viewed at the beginning of the avenue where the road meets Taylor Road.  The plaque celebrates the occasion of the Diamond Jubilee of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on 4th June 2012.

Queen’s Birthday Honour Awards

Each year members of the public are acknowledged and shown recognition for the life time achievements, individuals personal bravery, achievements, or service to their community or country and they are awarded honours, decorations and medals.  Here on Norfolk Island community members are invited to Norfolk Island Government House to join in the Queen’s birthday celebrations.

Queen Birthday Honours award will be available on this web site after 13th June 2016.

Enjoy our Queen’s Birthday and have a nice weekend everyone.

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