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Friday, June 17, 2016
Scotty is a born fisherman, although he says he’s a born and bred Norfolk Islander he has missed out the part that fishing has been running through his blood since the beginning. 

His dad Derek use to take Scott and older brother Tom on rock fishing adventures literally since they were able to walk and step from one rock to another. This also includes down Buck Point which is a sheer downward spiral using ropes and ladders. 

Learning to read the swell and Norfolk’s ocean waters, which at the best of times is very unpredictable, comes naturally to Scott. One of his favourite places of rock fishing is off the points out at Philip Island, the 2nd distant Island to Norfolk, there is also a hut out here called ‘The fishermans hut’ which locals and elite visitors may experience whilst on Norfolk .

It’s safe to say that Scott, along with Tom have built up quite a reputation over the last twenty years on Norfolk Island as the ‘Fisher Kings’ and fishing has well endowed become an addiction and a successful career path. 

As part time Fireman at the Norfolk Island Fire Station, Scott now is owner of ‘Greenback’ a 19 foot Shark Cat which was originally the boat used by Arlene and Jack of Bounty Divers in the 90’s, she was originally built in the late 70’s and due for a major restoration. Scott purchased the boat in 2012 and after many months of hard work by local boat builder Dean Burrell and himself. From beginning in a 12 foot tinny and learning the spots of fishing around Norfolk, Yellow Fin tuna, Silver Travelly, Trumpeter, Wahoo, Kingfish even Marlin have been among the many fish caught over the years, not to name the sharks which can be as much of a nuisance as rats. 

Scott never goes on a holiday without taking a rod with him. Recently he travelled around the globe visiting many of new found spots which he has read about over the years. Covering most states of Australia, he has also fished Vanuatu, Sri Lanka, NZ, New Caledonia and Lord Howe Island.

Now since the launching Greenback they have been nonstop searching and fishing the endless drop offs, pinnacles, sea mounts and reefs that make up this unbelievably untouched, pristine fishing paradise, we call home. Being only 19 foot it’s not a huge boat so they limit our passenger numbers to 4 ensuring to give each and every angler on the boat a very unique and personalised experience.

Don’t miss the fishing experience on Norfolk Island if you are visiting, you can email Scott on Facebook or call him on +6723 54558 to book a charter experience with Greenback, and the Greenwood Brothers. 

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