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Friday, July 15, 2016
Nat is a local Norfolk Islander born in 1982, June 16th, her mother Lyn had Nat one week before I was born and we have a photo of us both wrapped tight laying next to each other ready to embrace what life throws at us. The joy of a small community such as this of Norfolk is we remain close friends even when ocean can separate us and life takes on new and exciting journeys.  

Nat travelled to Tahiti with a group from Norfolk and it is here she first met her now Husband Yoyo, as we on Norfolk have known of him, Koviro Tuki from Rapa Nui, an extremely talented Musician and Artist. Together with their two young children Hiva (5) and Hane (3), Nat and Yoyo have relocated to Byron Bay, NSW, Australia to share his talents and for Nat to find her feet again after having the children and now study.  

Finding a new found interest in Video, Nat is currently studying Bachelor of Film in Byron Bay, August next year the course will be complete. “I've really found something I love in film. It combines visual, audio and storytelling, and I plan to use my skills to promote and support Norfolk and auwas salan. Being a full-time student and mum to two letl salan has its challenges, but I’m hoping to show them the rewards of applying yourself to your passion. I love growing older and seeing the world with new eyes and appreciating all those blessings I've been gifted, especially my children, family, friends and island home.

I still have a desire to travel more and experience different cultures, lifestyles etc, so much to see in this world with so little time. Can't wait to share the world with mais beautiful letl salan. And of course I'm hanging out for the day I can wake up to the Norfolk breeze again, and feel mais hoem under mais feet. So much to be grateful for!”

When Nat and I chat I ask the usual day to day thoughts which trail my mind when someone lives overseas, “you bin see any snake?” “dem sleepen” is Nat’s reply. Wataweih Mum en Tarn?” “Busy”, says Nat, and this is so true we can all move off Norfolk to be closer to each other and by the time we are all working and studying we see less of each other than we do when living here due to the commute between places and distance it may take. 

One day Nat will see herself living on Norfolk again, she plans to return to Rapa Nui next year with the family, as we who have more than one home must share the love. 

I made comment to Nat that I am currently playing Tour Leader and I’m often asked how the Schooling is on Norfolk, I asked Nat how blessed she felt that we were able to grow up on Norfolk and be involved at our School for so many years, then Nat went on to be a Teacher at NICS when she returned to Norfolk for the Norfolk Language and K – 12 as Casual Teaching. “As a former student and teacher at NICS I feel blessed. I always felt part of a greater supportive community and that the children's best interests were always at heart. For such a small isolated school, we've been lucky to have had so many academic and sporting opportunities to broaden our students' horizons. I feel extremely lucky to have grown up in a Central School like NICS and hope mais letl salan will one day experience it too.”
“We definitely will return to live orn Norfolk one day in the near future. Never feel at home anywhere else! Want to make sure kids know es dems hoem too.”

Nat still speaks of her favourites such as Hihi, Coconut Pie, Pilahi and all things Norf’k, she could never live without Family, Friends and knowing this little Island we call home, Norfolk. No matter what the future holds, we know within our hearts this is our home and nothing will ever change that. 

As the evening comes to an end and us working Mums have to put our modern technology away to prepare for a new day, Nat leaves me with a favourite quote of hers "Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere" Martin Luther King Jr.

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