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Friday, June 24, 2016
Born North Shore Auckland New Zealand, Megan moved to Norfolk Island at the age of 15 years, her mother Lois is a New Zealander and her father Stan Christian. Arriving on Norfolk at this age, Megan was welcomed with open arms by the community with her gorgeous looks and youthful manner. 

They used to stay with Jean Mitchel at Aunt Ems, as Syd Christian was Jeans cousin and together they provide the stay for Megan and family. 

Megan worked at Piccadilly as her first job on Norfolk in the retail shop, after a few career changes and mothering 5 stunning children she is now one of the faces of Tourism on Norfolk working with Baunti Escapes and travelling extensively for marketing on Norfolk Island.

At 21 Megan married Roland Spreag and had their first child Joshua then closely followed by Roxanne and Alana. Their family home was on Mission Road past Silky Oaks Stables. They married at St Barnibas Chapel, Megan held a bouquet of flowing ivy and frangipanis made by Jane Bataille. Bridesmaids were Marita Campion and Sarah McClean. Reception followed at Ahstyk, catered for by the local Girl Guides. 

A new direction in life then saw Megs remarry to Byron (Truck) Adams at a surprise ceremony for family and friends at Government House during the Bounty Day Celebrations 1996, every Norfolk Islander became witness to the exchanging of vows and then on to the Compound for luncheon and celebrations. It was a day of surprise and excitement, I remember Byron’s Children being just as surprised as everyone else sitting in their family groups ready to be judged by the Administrator. 

Megan and Byron became a large instant family of 5 children until the arrival of Paige and Zanaida in which Megs flew to New Zealand for the birth as having twins on Norfolk could see complications. On 27th July 1998 the twins entered our world and have been a breath of fresh air and the most beautiful role models for children of Norfolk Island.  

Zanaida is currently going through the application process for the Royal Australian Navy, Paige is embarking to Perth at the end of 2016 via Bali to let her hair down. A few weeks back we wrote about Paige, and there was an article on Norfolk Online about Zanaida’s recent adventure as part of the team for Young Endeavour sail from Sydney Harbour. 

Megs is planning to depart Norfolk to be closer to her Grandchildren Reef and Quincy on the Sunshine Coasts, Queensland at the end of twenty sixteen. This is an exciting new chapter again for Megs and she will be missed by many on Norfolk, however we are looking forward to visiting in the future and spending time with you in your new abode. 

I call Megs the ‘Queen of Quotes’ whenever I need to write a card, letter, thank you, sympathy, lift my spirits or feel inspired, I come to Megs for her quotes, charm and effervescent character charm. Megs is my go to person, my daughter’s guardian angel, my mischievous partner when we venture out into the night life of Norfolk, I’ll miss you Mega!

“I’m going to make everything around me beautiful – That will be my life” 

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