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Friday, July 08, 2016
Lettuce Leaf is the known name for one of Norfolk Islands most popular, well regarded tourism members and highly sort after characters. The nickname came about by good friend Kim Davies playing a joke on Les Quintal in the ‘Faasfain ‘Salan Bai Dems Nikniem’ Telephone Directory. 

Les Quintal was a host to many parties and social occasions on Norfolk and when it came time to depart his residence he would announce “Let-us-leave, Let-us-leave’ to clear out his guests which in turn became Lettuce Leaf. 

Les Quintal is a tourism operator, dear friend to recently departed Colleen McCullough, loving partner to Pip, wonderful dad to Jared, Jade and Jemima and now Grandfather of three, Miss Shae, Storm and little adorable Louie. 

Les is hot property on Norfolk owning one of the most sort after cliff top locations at Puppies Point, his paddock top has been used for many of events and fun activities from Fish Dinners, Big Day Out, Camping grounds and wedding locations. 

When Les first finished his schooling here on Norfolk he was employed as Carpenter at Colleen McCullough’s home ‘Out Yenna’ which she purchased in 1979. Col and Les became very close mates and he spent many of years working alongside Col and Ric out there. Col was close to many infamous locals and would be of a Fairy Godmother status to many, this included Les. He was flown to Col and Roc’s wedding in the Hawkesbury NSW, and this is one of the many fond memories Les has of his fun times with Col. 

Majority of the funniest stories and tales of Les is non-print worthy, he is often the go to person when it was required for a male figure to emerge from birthday cakes and be the entertainment on stage for local friend’s birthday. 

Travel is often on Les’s agenda and more frequent now in his current role with Tourism and Marketing for Norfolk Island and Baunti Escapes. The road trips can cover the East Coasts of Australia, overseas to New Zealand and broader. Les is definitely personality when those of the mainland meet him, they will not forget him! This personality is infectious; laughter can be heard rolling throughout the room, capturing his audience. It is near impossible to not be entertained by Les. He is often found these days working long hours in the back of Baunti Escapes office bound to his desk or speaking the Norfolk language fluently as he resites poetry for renowned poet Archie Bigg. 

Many of weddings have seen Les as Best-man, Grooms-man and even MC, he has been hand selected by many to play the role of God Father to their children and chosen as surrogate ‘Father’ role model by many also. 

In a recent year Les had a near miss with the ocean currents at Anson Bay. Les has always been a lover of the ocean, swimming daily in the lagoon and at Anson Bay as he grew up at the homestead directly across from Puppy Point Reserve. This has awaken new values to Les and his family, tightened bonds with each other which were already rich and strong, opened channels of love, improved values for life, pursuing to making himself and others around him smile every day. Les is a remarkable character, one which Norfolk’s community values highly with his with fresh approaches and free spirit to daily island life. 

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