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Friday, August 12, 2016
Jane is related to the Evans family of Norfolk, her father ‘Bubby’ is long time resident and Norfolk icon owning Music Valley, Bloody Bridge. Jane returned to Norfolk in the early 2000’s and restored her little cottage at the front of the property on Music Valley. She is a green finger at heart and very talented in many areas of arts and crafts. 

The most recent of Janes interest is the Wa’a Outrigger Racing and this has seen Jane return to her fitness from Open Water Wave Skiing in her teenage years which she use to partake in when living in Australia. In May this year Jane competed for Norfolk in the racing on the Sunshine Coast Australia and took out very respectable results.  In the Masters Pro 50 Women V1 500 Semi Finals on the 11th May Jane came in 6th place, and in her qualifying heat came in 2nd and hand painted the Norfolk flag colours onto an outrigger in memory and participation of the event. The next goal in Outrigging is Tahiti, alongside our ancestors and to feel the connection Norf’k sullen have with the Foremothers and Fathers of Tahiti. 

Janes son Beau and daughter Jessica also reside in very close proximity to Jane at Music Valley, with Jessica and her son toddler son Cooper returning to Norfolk to live in recent months. Jessica too has been enjoying the Outrigging and Cooper is very much enjoying the change in lifestyle to embrace Norf’k ways and the outdoors. Janes Grand Daughter Aurora (4) is often alongside Jane at Music Valley assisting to host the Garden and Culture Tours, speaking Norf’k and entertaining the visitors on tour. If you visit Norfolk Island or even those who live here and have not yet visited Music Valley, you can join Garden Tours at Pinetrees or Baunti Escapes which visit the Gardens. Also you can buy Bananas from an honesty system behind the front gate on your drive through Bloody Bridge. 

Another of Janes past times which she is currently being recognised for is Bone Carving and Rope work, when Beau returned from Afghanistan to Norfolk after serving he brought with him the interest in carving. Jane has now picked up where Beau left off and the carvings can be purchased from Gallery Guava on Queen Elizabeth Avenue.  A great reason this is so effective on Norfolk is the zero mile concept plus utilising wastage on the island. Many of Butchers here have on island have bone wastage and this can now be turned into 100% local arts and craft. Many of locals including Jane’s immediate, close family and friends are wearing her hand woven bracelets, necklaces, carvings or displaying the key rings or ornaments. 

Jane has a great ability to embrace her surrounds and structure it into everyday life, sharing knowledge and experience with visitors and handing down this information to her Grandchildren living on island and her Nieces and Nephew when they return to Norfolk for holidays.  Janes surroundings which she has incorporated into her life style, there is also horse riding.  Every Saturday since Aurora was 1 year old Jane and taken her to horse riding being by her side each week. Aurora partook in her first Equestrian Show in 2016 and is excited to say the least for the next fast approaching in October 2016.
Daily you may pass Jane and Bubby on their daily in their little blue or white ute about their errands in town or though Kingston, if you happen to pass by and they are at the front of the shed, stop and say hi and meet two of Norfolk’s true treasures of Music Valley. 

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