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Friday, June 10, 2016
Introducing a pioneering young woman of Norfolk Island Emily Sanders (Ryves) recently married to her husband Zac, Oceanographer & Photographer. Goat Farmer by day, Merwoman by hobby, Mother to Charlie Fin (3) and Goddess in the Kitchen.  Emily was rewarded a Churchill fellowship and followed her knew found love of Goat Farming and making Cheese,  once watching a documentary her life changed and her inspiration grew from there to create a lifestyle for herself. It’s hard work, time consuming although very rewarding to say the least. 

The Hilli Goat is situated on the Northern point of Norfolk Island overlooking the emerald hillside and Pacific Ocean surrounding Norfolk with uninterrupted views as far as the eye can see. This stretch of land has been in the family for some time and the story of how her family came to be on Norfolk is a part of her iconic farm tour The Norfolk Way. The property is almost self sustainable from growing their own produce, making their own pottery, artwork, farm work and together with Husband Zac they have created Stuck On A Rock photography, featured a couple of weeks back on Norfolk Online.  

Emily has been extremely thankful of Carla Meurs and Ann-Marie Monda from Holy Goat. These two ladies worked alongside mentoring and guiding Emily through designing and running a successful, yet Organic Goat Farm and assisted her to implement a plan which would not only be beneficial to her and her family, also to the Norfolk Island community. 

Towards the very beginning of Emily’s journey she stated of her Churchill application “A vital lesson learnt during my travels is that the process of building my dairy is going to be a very long, hard and expensive road. However I am more determined than ever now that I have the knowledge to begin the process. I have a very exciting time ahead and I thank the Fellowship for providing me with the first stepping-stones of my journey.” 

Today Emily has become one of Norfolk’s most recognised figures in the Tourism Industry, each and every visitor is advised of the tour at The Hilli Goat. The food lovers spread which Emily prepares all by hand and from her garden is lined up banquet style. Freshly sliced fruits from her family trees accompany her selection of fine Goats Cheese teamed with homemade relishes and pickles. 

One of the most recent reviews on Trip Advisor from March 2016 is as follows: “Officially the tour is of a boutique goat cheese farm, followed by a spread of the very best (it really was) locally grown food on Island. In truth, it's so much more than that! What is so brilliant about this tour is that it offers a real glimpse at what it is to live 100% from the land on this special little Island. It's a glimpse of how Islanders here have always lived - growing, innovating, bartering - and it's presented in the most eloquent, inspiring and delicious way you could imagine. If you're a foodie, if you want a glimpse of real life on Norfolk, if you're an artist, if you're hungry, then this tour is for you!”
Norfolk Island Tourism brings many celebrities, foodies, famous chefs and television programs to Norfolk Island all year, each and every one of them embark to The Hilli Goat and share Emily’s love and passion for Goats, Cheese and her Family with the World through media. Currently Emily is working on a new project which will be launched soon in conjunction with her already busy lifestyle. 

Follow up on The Hilli Goat courtesy of goggle, it’s an amazing product they have created.  When next on Norfolk Island make sure you visit Emily, husband Zac and Charlie Fin (3). Now you can also purchase spa and body products to enhance your cheese experience and take a piece of Norfolk home with you to use daily and remember the brilliant time you shared here. 

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