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Friday, August 19, 2016
Tina, as more commonly referred to on Norfolk first visited at the age of 6 weeks, it was then 34 years later that Tina and Brandt moved to Norfolk, calling our Island their new home. Now nearing ten years since relocating her blogs have taken off, she is a recognised pre-school teacher at Mini School. Facebook has become an online media point of contact and sharing the world with viewers and persons with a common interest, Norfolk Island. 

Tina and Brandt have three children each unique and striving in different areas, Teddy the eldest 13, in Year 7, he has interest in Arts, Writing, Directing and Design. He is a regular in Wearable Arts each January and has already been creating 3 pieces for the next. Sienna  is 11 in a few weeks and now in Year 5, she writes about on average two songs and now plays guitar. Her first musical interest was Piano however with lack of teachers on Norfolk Island she has now taken to guitar, however the guitar still keeps her motivated to write music. 
And lastly little Jasper, smaller in size yet not in personality, he is proudly six and a half year of age and half way through Year 1. He loves playing Footy on Sunday with the other kids and is one of two boys in Ballet at Teresa’s Plie All The Way which is new to Norfolk Island and been going very well. 

You can view Tina’s blogs at her web address, “I started blogging a few months after we moved here at Christmas 2006. I saw from Aunty Mary's blog that blogging attracts people of similar interests, so I told the story of living here with my young children and all the amazing natural attractions so it might encourage families to holiday on Norfolk Island

Captured by Cristina Rose photography is another of her Facebook pages where you can see the images Tina captures in her day to day. Never leaving the home without her camera by her side there have been many of picture perfect opportunities she has managed to snap which would have gone by the way to the everyday person driving past. 

When Tina has friends visiting from the mainland she embarks on a ‘Nortiki Tour’ of adventures, taking them off the beaten track and showing them the side of Norfolk in which most tourist cannot enjoy as they are unaware of the many secret spots we as locals enjoy. Visitors to Norfolk only get to partake in the activities advertised or shown on the road map, it takes a local resident to show the true Norfolk. An example of the adventures Tina may take her visitors on could be a little like this

Day 1: Arrival at the airport by the family welcoming committee, followed by quick sightseeing and sunset chasing. Day 2: Sifting through old photographs which had been printed out. These days this rarely occurs and one can spend many of hours reliving the memories of each. Day 3: Wake early and embark on a Breakfast Bush Walk through Norfolk National Parks along the coastline with ocean views. At the completion of your walk you are met by a BBQ Breakfast, Tea, Coffee and Juice. Day 4: The Maze, Anson Bay, Playing in the risen roots of the Morten Bay Fig, sitting on the walls of the convict ruins at Kingston, cow spotting, Cemetery Tour. Day 5: Day of departure, coffee and brunch at The Olive Cafe, goodbye for now at the Airport and then watching the plane take off into the sky from the side of the airstrip at times into a rainbow. 

Einsteins quote" Imagination is far more important than knowledge" Tina has never run out of imaginative things to do and create... just time constraints... I would love to paint my big ocean murals more. This I can to understand as the mind wonders with ideas and family, the outdoor and work are so time consuming you long for that day again where you can pick up the paint brush and disappear for days into the canvas. 

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