Friday, August 19, 2016
Norfolk Island is privileged to have many talented local artists.  A few months ago I started to photograph the local Norfolk Island retail stores in town.  Many of these Norfolk Island stores sell items created by the local community craft designers and artist.  There are painters, photographers, weavers, potters and wood workers.  I love the local jewellery along with the many printed shirts and giftware.

A few weeks ago the Bath and Body Soap shop opened in their new store with lovely handcrafted soaps.  Next door is Reflections with a wonderful range of fabrics for handcrafts and quilting.  They also sell a range of my cards which I recreated from some of my favourite photographs.  I enjoy visiting the store to find buttons when I knit for my grandchildren.  I purchase the wool from the craft store in the Village opposite Donna’s store NIOW jewellery which features many items made from local hihi shells.

The Village is another great end of town to visit Aatuti Art with printed fabric, great tee shirts and artist prints and local cards.  Island Nectar has local food items and home-made pickles for a special treat.

If you would like to purchase a traditional Island hat, stop into Island Creations.  The store has a collection of local crafts person work from woodcraft items, local design printed fabrics, pottery, cards and jewellery.

The new “Art & Photo Exhibits Norfolk Island” display in the Hands up for Democracy in town.  This is a must see display.  Local artist, poets and photographers have an outstanding display of their work.  The story of Norfolk Island - 160 years since Pitcairn Islanders settled here and called Norfolk Island home.

One of my favourite art shops to visit is Graham White Art Gallery, next door to the Golden Orb and across the road from the Norfolk Island Liquor Bond.  Graham displays a range of paintings and photographs, which are great gifts for visitors to take home.  He also sells a lovely selection of gifts cards from photographer Louise Donald and my Betty -Norfolk Island photos cards.  Graham also has water colour painting classes and individual lessons.

At the Post Office and P&R Store end of town is the Edge of the World.  The store is mostly open on Saturday.  Inside you will find a collection of photos and artwork and lots of interesting gift ideas.

Around Norfolk Island there are many more artist.  Cyclorama is a must see for all visitors to Norfolk Island.  Tracey and Sue have created the most stunning artwork telling the Bounty and the Pitcairn Islanders story.  The gift shop to filled with many beautifully crafted items from glass, wood, pottery.  There is jewellery, prints and so many outstanding artist work on display.

As you travel around Norfolk Island you can also visit the Pottery at the northern end of the Island, just past Anson Bay near Fisherman’s Lane.  Alison is a very talented artist with lots to see and choose from.

So when you are driving around, shopping in town, or visiting the weekend markets, support the local crafts and artist, they always say it is important to shop locally.

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