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Friday, August 05, 2016
The National Census of Population and Housing will be held on August 9th, it is compulsory under law for people to participate in the Census, the Government will also retain personal information for four years up until the year 2020 of the names and addresses of each participant, in the past this information would was deleted after 18 months. 

It is very important to the results that the Census is correctly filled out and this has been shown by example for the people of Norfolk Island and the spelling differences which may be used to spell Norfolk, Norf’k or Norfuk. 

A benefit from The National Census is to collate each Norfolk Islander born on Norfolk Island who may live in Australia (mainland) and this data be collated. It can also be collated as part of the results to show each person from Norfolk Island plus Australia (mainland) who can speak the Norf’k Language. The results will be of huge benefit to the people of Norfolk and for future generations to be recognised, showing who we are and how we are changing and spreading in travels and physical addresses. 

The results will be used available in the first quarter of 2017 however we could not be given an exact time line of when the Norf’k research results may be ready. 

The forms have been delivered to houses on Norfolk Island by Field Officers, the Government Department have employed locals on Island to do this and they have said the experience from employing locals has been wonderful. Around 60% had been dropped around by Wednesday afternoon, if you haven’t received yours yet it will be coming. These Field Officers are also employed to collect the forms, alternatively you can reply pay an envelope and drop to the new Post Office located at P & R Grocers. Another alternative is to complete the form online and submit it directly. 

What is a Census and why is it important: It is the largest collection of information about Australia’s population; Has been held officially since 1911; Held unofficially between 1828 – 1911; Held once every five years; Counts all people in the country in one night; This year will include 24 million people in 10 million homes; This year is the 17th National Census of Population and Housing; Will be held on 9th August 2016; Main reason to provide a insight to the country’s population and guide taxpayers spending; Helps with Government distribution of funding and service planning for a wide range of sectors (very important for Norfolk data); Helped guide heath research; Also helps set electoral boundaries; This information was sourced from ABC & Daily Mail

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