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Friday, June 26, 2020
Dear Editor,

Two weeks ago, I shared an email to the Administrator asking three questions about the Department’s Strategic Plan. I call it the Department’s Plan because it is the Department that has selected the consultants and, in the Administrator’s press release in February, a strategic plan for Norfolk Island is what the consultants are to produce.

The three questions were 1) will the Department’s Strategic Plan supersede the Council’s existing Strategic Plan; 2) will the consultants’ terms-of-reference be made public so the community can know the full scope of the Plan, and; 3) will the community be able to review-for-comment the final draft when it is completed. These are basic “yes/no” types of questions. Listening to the Administrator on radio last week, they remain unanswered.

The first two questions are courtesies in light of the need for public consultation. But the third is essential if this is to become the community’s Plan. Will we be able to review the final draft so our final comments are factored into the final product? This is the usual stakeholder expectation. Given that the recent survey had the dubious feature of allowing individuals to respond multiple times from multiple computers and devices (e.g., desktops, laptops, smart phones), this additional assurance that the new Strategic Plan, indeed, reflects the community’s view is all the more important.

Thank you, Rick Kleiner

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