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Air Chathams Visit

Friday, March 23, 2018

Privately owned Air Chathams, established in 1984 is based on Chatham Island, New Zealand. They have specialised in transportation of freight, charters and passengers within New Zealand, Australia and the South Pacific.

A management team from Air Chathams plan to visit Norfolk Island 26-28 March and meet with relevant industry stakeholders. This is a due diligence exercise to decide if the airline could provide a service from Auckland to Norfolk Island. The team will be arriving on a commander 690A – which is owned by the company.
Air Chathams have a diverse fleet of aircraft available for group charter with the Convair 580 being the most suitable for Norfolk Island. The Convair 580 was designed when passenger comfort was a priority, with very generous seat pitch and leg room and large viewing windows. It is the fastest multi-engine turbo-prop aircraft in operation in NZ. This aircraft is extremely versatile with an excellent payload range, meaning you can carry more passengers/freight further and to more isolated destinations Air Chathams has three Convair 580’s, one with full freight and combination freight and passenger ability, and the other two are a 50 seat passenger configuration with large cargo holds for passenger luggage and freight. All aircraft have toilets on board, and a flight galley for preparing food and beverage service to meet customer requirements.

We will keep the community informed of the outcome of the visit and are confident you will make them feel welcome during their brief stay.

Lotta Jackson
23 March 2018

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