A common question asked is 'do I need a hire car' on Norfolk Island? Although the island is only 8kmx5km there is over 100 mile of road and lots of winding hills! It's the perfect place to take your time and discover what is around every corner! 

Norfolk Island offers possibly the cheapest hire cars in the Pacific and while the island is small, its steep hills would challenge even the best walkers! 

There is no public transport system with the exception of a taxi. Having a hire car allows you the liberty to drive and explore the island at your own pace.

There is a Taxi Service available only on request. Norfolk has over 170km of road and most are tar sealed. 

The speed limit is 40km/h through town, 25km/h in the National Parks and down at Kingston and Emily Bay. The school zone is 30km/h between the hours of 8.00am until 3.30pm during school days. Out side of these areas the speed limit is 50km/h. 

Driving is on the left hand side of the road and locals wave to all passing vehicles which is called the "Norfolk Wave." many visitors to the island spend there holiday learning new waving techniques. 

You can get your driving license on Norfolk Island at the age of 16 but to hire a vehicle from the hire companies you must have a current drivers license and be at least 21 years of age.

REMEMBER: Cows have the right of way on Norfolk Island roads

Eldoo Hire Cars

Thursday, August 25, 2016

ELDOO has a fleet of quality vehicles to accommodate your every requirement from small automatic 4 door saloons, family sedans, or larger vans seating up to 8 passengers. Almost every visitor to Norfolk will hire a vehicle during their stay to fully appreciate our beautiful island, its undulating rural topography, country roads and quaint byways, leading to the beach, rain forest parks, picnic reserves and staggering cliff top panoramas. Our qualified team looks forward to being of service 24/7 attending to superior detailing, routine servicing, and after hours assistance. We highly recommend pre-booking a vehicle prior to your arrival to avoid disappointment.


33 New Cascade Road
P.O. Box 696
Norfolk Island, 2899

Phone: +(6723) 24355
Email: eldoo@norfolk.net.nf
Website: http://eldoohirecars.com/

Please 'contact us' for more information.

Mokeabout Norfolk Island

Thursday, August 25, 2016

MOKEABOUT NORFOLK ISLAND established in January 2016 importing the first brand new MOKES into Australia. After being out of production for over 22 years, the new MOKEs are redesigned and re-engineered with more than 160 new parts. There is: a wider bodywith wider seats for comfort; a lockable compartment for your valuables; and an easily adjusted canopy to provide eco-friendly air-conditioning as you drive around. When you are in a MOKE – you don’t just go for a drive – you go for a ride, and that is the why a MOKE is the best way to experience Norfolk Island.


Taylors Road
Norfolk Island, 2899

Phone: +(6723) 56653
Email: mokeabout@ninet.nf
Website: http://mokeaboutnorfolkisland.com/

Please 'contact us' for more information.