There is no doubt that physical activity is beneficial for people no matter what their age. However, sometimes certain limitations may prevent mature-age adults from engaging in the more commonplace forms of exercise; particularly those regimes fixed on a high cardiac routine.

That is where Yoga steps in!

One of the great things about Yoga is that it is non-competitive and so adaptable. Yoga can accommodate the needs of different demographics (age groups, sexes, populations, cultures) and when it is applied in an individual context, as is the tradition, Yoga can directly address the particular physical capabilities, requests and/or requirements of that student.

A modified Yoga practice can be an effective means of exercise/secondary therapy for improving health and wellbeing, particularly for seniors. A specific, tailored Yoga class for mature-age adults with well-paced, non-strenuous poses is excellent for helping people with limited mobility to integrate movement and physical exercise into their lives.

Unlike weight training, crossfit or aerobics, Yoga can be easy on the joints and concentrate on honouring and accepting an individual as a whole being.

For any enquiries or further information about how Yoga can assist you improve your state of health and wellbeing, please contact Natasha on: 53018 or at:

In the meantime, watch this space for a community based 60+ Age Group Yoga Class commencing in June!

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Reconnective Healing utilizes new frequencies and Axiotonal Lines that carry Energy, Light and information. 

This assists you in connecting with planetary & universal grids through your meridan and acupuncture points, restoring deep restful balance. 

Laurel Quintal is a Certified Practioner of The Reconnection and Reconnective Healing. Schedule your appointment today.

Please note: No eftpos facilities are available at Rooty Hill Road.

ENDORSEMENT: Most treatments for sports injuries look at the presenting problem and don’t address the underlying cause. 

That’s where Reconnective Healing can help. It works like a download enabling the body to ‘learn’ cell regeneration. 

The healing is actually a by-product of the body learning how to heal itself through this encounter with the frequency. 

You can think of it like therapeutic ultrasound – without the machines. Keith Mitchell Linebacker; National Football League

I don't think I have ever felt so relaxed in my life and my shoulder feels more mobile as well! T Graham NI

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BEDROCK BODY-MIND-SPIRIT ... + 67 23 56996

Welcome to Paradise! Heidi has been a qualified therapeutic /remedial massage practitioner for over 20 yrs the past 8 yrs working with chiropractors. 

A passionate professional, she believes that to truly live your life, you must first! LOVE your work. 

Wellness works for anyone and everyone. Heidi quietly helps others to choose wellness…over the years Heidi has studied many modalities and you get the best of all of them in 1 massage.. Including hot rocks!

Spectacular spaces ignite calm, euphoria, inspiration & Bedrock- Body-Mind-Spirit offers this to all its Guests.

Set on a beautiful cliff top property overlooking Duncombe Bay where Captain Cook is said to have first set foot on Norfolk Island. Bedrock also boasts a beautiful tranquil boutique tea garden full of delicious organic taste temptations. 

Hospitality is foremost, and your hosts Heidi & Byron Adams (Direct descendant of the Bounty Mutineers) welcomes you to spend as much time as you need…An hour or a whole day coming back to earth, sharing a little piece of paradise….

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YOGA POWER ... ph +67 23 50811

Power vinyasa Yoga – Power flow Yoga. 

This is an ultimate experience for people ready to tap into their truth. 

Based on the Baron Baptiste Power Vinyasa Yoga Method, this practice is a combination of traditions of yoga that combine for a dynamic mix of sweat and spirit. 

It will challenge your ability to awaken your inner soul yet strengthen and lengthen your body. 

This flowing style practice is done in a heated room to help cleanse the body and warm the muscles – Monday & Thursday 5:30pm, Wednesday 6.00am and 1.30pm, Saturday 3.00pm. Private class also available with Candida langman.

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Norfolk Island Fitness and Health opened it’s doors in 2011 and has grown into more than just a gym. With a huge wealth of knowledge and experience owners Kay Taylor and Kelvin Mulholland have been able to create a place that is welcoming to all gym and group exercise users.

We have members that range from the young students to senior citizens as well as the seasoned gym user. Kay’s knowledge as a  certified fitness specialist with Fitness Australia and over 40 years experience in the fitness industry enables members and guests alike to feel comfortable working out in a safe and friendly environment suiting all levels of Strength, fitness and mobility. A helping hand and training tips are always given to those who need it.

The gym is often a hive of activity in the early mornings and late afternoons with Group Exercise participants, Personal Training clients and Gym members.  This great vibe has been pivotal to our growth and it’s great to see so many members enjoying exercise and its health benefits on a consistent basis.

With a great range of free weights, cable machines and aerobic equipment we can offer a tailored program specifically designed to meet individual needs and assist clients in  reaching their health, fitness and wellness goals.

Participate in the many and varied Group fitness classes. These include Boxfit, Spin (limit of 6 per class),  strength, cardio. As well as these more intense classes you can Relax with Pilates and release and re-activate tight and unused muscles. As a qualified Pilates instructor Kay uses a variety of equipment in her 60 minute sessions. All classes are held at the Gym situated in the Village Precinct at Burnt Pine. For more information check out our CLASS INFO page.

Open from Monday to Thursday 5.30am to 6.30pm. Friday 5.30am to 5.00pm. Weekends by appointment. Casuals welcome.

Come in and talk to Kay or Kelvin today about your individual fitness and health requirements.

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Relax, Unwind, Restore. Louise  Donald 25 year massage experience which makes Louise Norfolk most experienced therapist. 

Bachelor of Human Movement Studies majoring in functional anatomy and sports medicine. Dip Swedish Massage, 10 week Shiatsu course, Chinese Cupping Workshop including Moxabustion and Ear Candling, Trigger Point Therapies Workshop, USPA Professional training workshops USPA Concept Facials, USPA Javanese Lulur training, USPA Dry room Wraps training. 2012 Hot Stones Workshop 2013 Shirodhara. 

Louise welcomes you to her home with views to the mountain and the sea outside and a collection of local artworks inside a unique eco-friendly premises. A relaxing quiet location, where you can choose from Swedish/Relaxation, Therapeutic/Remedial, Shiatsu, Cupping, Deep Tissue, Trigger point therapy, Traditional Balinese massage. 

Organic Body Therapies include USPA facials, scrubs & wraps, Lulur, detox foot spa, ear candling and private meditation sessions. 30mins to half day retreat packages are available. 

Affordable rates, seniors discounts. Couples and Small groups welcome. Mobile service available.

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Patricia Buffett has lived on Norfolk Island since 1977, and has 3 children and 7 grand-children. She has been a practitioner of Bowen Therapy for 16 years and her passion is to help men, women and children to be fit, healthy and happy. 

The Bowen Technique is a soft tissue remedial therapy that works over the muscle and connective tissue to realign and balance the body. 

Through stimulating a relaxation response we believe it triggers the body’s innate healing abilities and which explains its' excellent track record in relieving many symptoms and conditions.

Bowen Therapy is a dynamic system of muscle and connective tissue therapy, which produces relief from pain and discomfort by empowering the body to heal itself. 

 The other modality Patricia works with is Reiki and channelling Universal Energy.

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HEALING HANDS ... ph +67 23 23268

Healing Hands massage with Fenella Evans. Massage in the comfortable ambiance of Fenella home which is located close to town in DCA circle on Ferney Lane. 

Fenella Evans has been residing on Norfolk Island for some 42 years.

Fenella has been a massage therapist for some 16 years. You can chose from a relaxation massage, remedial Sports massage, Reiki  or Reflexology massage. 

Fenella has  certified in Swedish & Advanced Massage, Reflexology (a total approach to glowing health), Reiki (a relaxing, universal hands-on healing) as well as a Diploma in Sports and Remedial Massage.

Fenella looks forward to applying many heavenly massages to you all.

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SMART THERAPIES ... + 67 23 56984

What better way to compliment your holiday on beautiful Norfolk Island than with a relaxing massage. Smart Therapies offers both relaxation and pamper massages, just what you need whilst on holiday! 

Tane pride herself on providing you with a professional and friendly approach 

Are you an elite athlete or a weekend warrior with sports aches and pains? Tane is also a qualified and experienced sport masseur who can help you with your recovery of any injury. 

Sports massage therapy can also help in your preparation for a sporting event as well as help with your performance during training or after an event.

Located right in the centre of town, book the massage of your choice today

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Stephanie Alpha is a Natural Spiritual and Energy Healer now living and working on our Island.

Stephanie trained for her Professional Diploma in the Blue Mountains. 

Spiritual Healing is a non intrusive therapy designed to bring the whole being into balance and harmony and reach the true cause of any problem.

 is a journey through which you would be able to connect to your true nature and let her create a harmony between your mind, body, and soul.

Spiritual research has shown us that up to 80% of the problems in a person's life can have their root in the spiritual dimension.

Spiritual healing is about the diagnosis and removal of the spiritual root case of the problem. 

To progress into health and happiness we must go deeper than just the symptoms, encompassing the emotional, mental, spiritual and physical state.

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YOGA WITH SARAH ... ph +67 23 53953

Sarah Quintal started practicing yoga on Norfolk Island. 

Sarah teaches Vinyasa style Yoga, a flowing practice that helps create balance, strength and flexibility in your body, mind and spirit. 

Sarah draws on her love for yoga, her personal practice and experience to each of her classes. 

Join in on a weekly multi-level class or indulge in an arranged session at a time that suits you, from any of the following – Private one on one, meditation and pranayama, beginners, kids, partners, Ashtanga, home practice and half day wellbeing packages, yoga therapy for the body and personalised group sessions whilst here on beautiful Norfolk Island. 

Weekly classes Mon and Wed 5.30pm at Aura Studio (opposite the Airport, behind Photopress).

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EXPRESSIONS DAY SPA ... ph +67 23 23805

Be pampered in paradise

beauty – massage 

Expressions Day Spa is a modern and professional salon that caters to all your beauty and relaxation needs. Expressions Day Spa for men & woman. Let our qualified, professional beauty therapists take care of you. 

Treatments include Facials(choose from Anti-aging, Rehydrating, Oxygenating, Microdermabrasion, Massage, Hot Stone Therapy, Inch Loss/Detox body wraps, Detox foot spa,Spa Manicure and Pedicure, Waxing, Spray Tanning and much more!!

Beauty Day Spa. Stockists of: Ultraceuticals, Sothys, Thalgo and Naked Tan.

Private yet centrally located. A modern and professional salon that caters to all your beauty and relaxation needs. 

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SPIRITUAL READING ... + 67 23 22497

Gaye Evans is an artist and a mystic with a fascinating heritage. some times these two areas overlap and some times they are worlds apart. She is a multi-faceted person and as a result is both intriguing and enigmatic.

Gaye is a highly intuitive energy healer working with the island energies as required with each client. When giving clairvoyant readings she works with the Ascended Masters.

Her home overlooks an area of frequent UFO sightings and she is able to tune in to these galactic neighbours for some clients.

She is currently channelling the Guardians of the Light as she works to clear this beautiful planet in conjunction with the reconfiguring of the planetary grids.

Gaye is also spiritual teacher, clairvoyant reader, crystal and magnetic or auric healer, cell and chakra balancer

Gaye has conducted workshops over many years on Crystals, Colour and Chakras, Spiritual Evolution and Psychic Development.

Gaye’s strong ties with the community, her warmth, humour, pragmatism and unquestionable gifts, make her a much sought-after and truly inspirational teacher, leader and healer!

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