The Norfolk Island Chamber of Commerce (herein Chamber) was incorporated as a company in 1991. Following the introduction of the Associations Incorporation Act 2005 (NI) the Chamber converted as a registered Association under the Act in 2007 and in 2017 adopted the Model Rules. Members are bound by the Code of Conduct and work to an overarching Mission and Goals framework now to be supported at an operational level by adopting a 5 year Strategic Plan that charts priorities necessary to achieve our principal objectives. 
Members are supported by an elected Committee that consists of the President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer and 2 Executive Members. The Committee is charged with leadership and responsibility to represent and support Members to grow local business to be sustainable and empowered providers within the respective industries. Through continuous improvement Chamber can lobby to protect local businesses from external pressures where the local offering can be shown to be of a high standard and fair price. In championing local industry Chamber must also be an ear for consumers and address unsatisfactory practices in local operations that impact the reputation of Norfolk Island as a preferred tourism destination and place to invest.
Members know doing business in an isolated and remote location within a limited marketplace brings unique challenges particularly logistics of transport and freight. Governance changes in Norfolk Island provide new stakeholders responsible to support solutions on island and in areas of infrastructure and tourism: the Chamber must push government for critical investment and even incentives for all operators within the transport and freight industries.
Partnerships will be key to the achievement of this ambitious strategy: local partnership within business including outreach of Members; affiliation with National and Regional bodies to leverage the learning, experience and resources of others; and the willingness of governments to work with the Chamber to facilitate economic recovery and sustainable growth.
There is much to do and with each step taken, Chamber works consciously towards achieving its strategic goals: To be the Voice of Business; Helping Business Succeed; and Helping Our Community Succeed. Please join us on this journey of recovery. With focused and collective effort we can shape our future based on accurate awareness of the Islands’ resources limitations and capacity; ensure growth is both considered and responsible; and decisions are balanced to protect the environment and resources that sustain our continued community needs.

      Cherri Buffett

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