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'Always' The Harmony of Norfolk's Heartbeat CD by Jodie Williams

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Open your heart and  submerge yourself in the beauty of nature’s sound as you are carried upon an audio journey within Norfolk’s own primeval rhythm and heartbeat.


Jodie Williams was born in Norfolk Island and is a direct descendant of the Pitcairners who arrived on the island in 1856. This is her first album having spent two years collecting field recordings of the sound of nature on Norfolk... the power of the ocean waves, the call of the seabirds, the gentle rain, the rising of the tide, the nestling of the forest birds...


These pure sounds have been interwoven harmoniously into one complete meditative soundtrack (55 minutes).


Listen closely and you will hear... the sounds of....


•  White fairy terns as they nestle in the St Barnabas pines at dusk

•  Black-winged petrels as they echo the northernmost cliffs of Norfolk

•  Raindrops sounding a pitter patter on a tin roof

•  Evening thunder rumbling out in the far distant Pacific Ocean

•  Rain pouring cleansing all the surrounds

•  Whistling and warbling of the forest birds at Mount Bates

•  Delicate fantail birds singing their melodious songs

•  Emily Bay’s gentle waves lapping the shore before rising  to high tide

•  The power of ocean rolls Cascade basalt rocks like marbles

•  100 acre noddys and terns as they soar in majestic pinetrees

•  Tropic birds call as they circle clifftops to the pulse of the ocean

•  Darkness falls to the sound of the Norfolk’s night orchestra


Silence... the pause in nature’s symphony....


The CD is available from Norfolk Online.


For download of further individual audio soundscape tracks please visit

'Always' The Harmony of Norfolk's Heartbeat CD by Jodie Williams