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Advanced Qigong Healing Exercises DVD by Piria Coleman

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Advanced Qigong Healing Exercises - Volume 1 Shi Ba Shi (Form Flow) This form integrates the body-mind-spirit, improves circulation, co-ordination, balance and mental tranquility. 18 Advanced 'Chi' Enhancing Exercises. Yi Jin Jing (Flow Form) The form strengthens and invigorates the joints, tendons, and internal energy. 12 Tendon Strengthening Exercises. Tiandi Qigong - Volume 2 Tiandi Qigong is a Chinese discipline based on the highly skillful manipulation & channeling of energy. It uses elements of tai chi, martial arts, Chinese medicine and mediation. It is very effective for healing sickness and imbalance, for enhancing performance, & for personal fitness & wellbeing. The basic Chi Exercise Cycle. Mediation. Shaolin Lohan Therapeutic Qigong - Volume 3 Lohan Qigong is a gentle form of exercise that is relaxing & engerizing at the same time. It uses the breath to weave together flowing movements and meditation, nourishing the body, calming the mind. Warm-up-Exercise. 18 Lohan Hands (Front Format). 18 Lohan Hands (Back Format). Sui Lohan (Front Format). Sui Lohan (Back Format)
Advanced Qigong Healing Exercises DVD by Piria Coleman