The Solemn Testament of Lord Fairlie, 7th Earl of Glasgow, GCMG

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05-Feb-2020 07:32 PM

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re. 'There are no indigenous peoples of Norfolk': Australia plays hardball in island dispute....JANUARY 17 2020 - 4:30AM :

On Monday 25th August 1902 - precisely one year 7 months and 25 days following the Federation of the Australian Colonies - [& just a couple of months since the cessation of the Boer War, in which a considerable number of Norfolk Islanders had patriotically served the Empire] - at a Public Meeting presided over by the Norfolk Island Council of Elders & Chaired by Mr J.F. Young; ...the People of Norfolk Island resolutely determined as follows:

"That a petition be drawn up and sent to his Excellency the Governor, pointing out that it is the wish of the inhabitants   [of Norfolk Island] to remain, as at   present, an Imperial Crown Colony, and  not to be annexed [as a] colony of the Commonwealth of Australia." per:

The Planet is DYING ... the Westphalian-Dispensation is MORIBUND ... the 'Neoliberal-Plutocratic' mindset of the Davos-Elites whorape & pillage the Planet is PATHOLOGICAL... but whatreallymatters to Canberra - is keeping Norfolk subjugated ... & on a short leash -go figure....

etc, Signifier