Air New Zealand - No Friend of Norfolk Island

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25-Aug-2018 07:22 PM


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The Editor
As a supporter of the changes on Norfolk Island it pains me to say this but in some pretty significant ways the Australian Government, in implementing change, has only done half a job.  In my opinion they have generally done good things in the areas of health, social security, infrastructure and law reform but, in the important area of financial sustainability, more needs to be done. 

There is no doubt that the old Norfolk Island Government had difficulty managing the major drivers of our economy, but they could be excused to some degree because they lacked the the administrative and financial capacity to bring about a fix.  It was my expectation, and the expectation of many others, that the Australian Government, with its greater financial and organisational capacity could, and would, put us on a path to economic sustainability.  So far this has not been the case. 
We who live on Norfolk Island understand the basic fact that we are a remote part of the Commonwealth of Australia with one industry - tourism.  The Australian Government in fulfilling its objective to give Island residents the benefits of being part of the nation, needs to address our supply pipelines. This means providing effective support for air and sea services to the island, which are effectively our "roads of national significance”. 

The population of the island, including the substantial number who work in jobs directly connected to the tourism industry, need to have a reasonable quality of life. They need to eat and play as well as work. The cost of those fundamental needs are impacted by our transport costs - shipping goods in, and flying in and out for health and recreation. 
We appreciate that the Australian Government has spent substantially on Cascade Pier, and this is great as far as it goes.  The airline services agreement with Air New Zealand, of which we have little knowledge, is in terms of outcomes an unsatisfactory arrangement.  Reduced passenger services, high ticket prices, irregular mail services and air freight delays are grinding the island down.  I refuse to believe that there is anything intentional in this - it seemingly is a misreading of what is required to give the island a chance at sustainable rejuvenation.

Air New Zealand, unfortunately, is not our friend.  Air New Zealand is a business exploiting its position in the market place and the Australian Government is allowing this to happen to the detriment of the Norfolk Island community.
As one of the true believers in the need for, and benefits of, change I ask the (current) responsible Minister Mr McVeigh to intervene to allow Norfolk Island to become the best it can be.

Fred Howe
Norfolk Island


31-Aug-2018 06:23 PM

Daniel Williams

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Dear Editor.

 Please correct me if I am wrong. Wasn’t the main reason for the Australian Governments ILLEGAL takeover of Norfolk Island to IMPROVE the economic capabilities of Norfolk and unsatisfactory situation here? Well, as Freddy boy rightly points out. They have FAILED miserably. Just what did he, and his “others” expect to happen?

 It was and is a well known fact, as pointed out by their own hidden reports, what the implications, both financially and socially, would be. How is it possible anybody could or would have faith in a government, so racked with corruption, nepotism and disloyalty defies belief?

Sadly Fred, you along with the rest of us, have been lied to. A fact that the VAST MAJORITY of us here on Norfolk were awake to from the very beginning. Unlike you and a tiny minority. About time you woke up and smelt the roses and realised the very real situation on Island.

The [failed] Australian government is not here to protect or benefit you Fred or anybody else. They are here to protect and benefit themselves as clearly shown time and time again. Just what is the eel doing to help us? NOTHING! He moosa gorn too, like the now long, long list of ministers.


Daniel Williams