Is Air New Zealand in breach of contract with Australia Poat?

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10-Apr-2017 09:50 AM

F. W. (Miles) Howe

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The Editor

Australia Post's mail service to Norfolk Island has deteriorated significantly in the last 6 months. The problem appears to be with Air New Zealand. Some suspect that there is a room somewhere full of Norfolk Island mail and when some space appears in the hold of the aircraft, someone grabs a few bags and throws them on the aircraft. This may or may not be the case but there is no other logical explanation for the random order in which mail arrives. If this is the case and Air New Zealand is being negligent in its handling of the mail, this would be at best a breach of their service obligations to Australia Post, and at worst a breach of the laws relation to the carriage of mail in Australia. Australia Posts needs to go to Air New Zealand for an explanation.

Fred Howe

Norfolk Island