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02-Apr-2017 08:01 PM


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A1 statement published in Norfolk Online, 01/04/2017:

“…discussions have also taken place over the last week to identify previous claims that the Australian Constitution excused the Australian Government from their international and UN obligations, this is a stretch of the imagination and there is no applicable constitutional process that is accountable to the people supporting this bizarre concept or interpretation by some Australian Government representatives.”



And what’s this excerpt from the Conclusion of the link below saying?

“Australia is a sovereign nation which enters into treaties in its own right and which can legislate to implement or breach treaties, if it so chooses. The external affairs power allows the Commonwealth Parliament to legislate to implement treaties on subjects traditionally within the jurisdiction of the States, vastly expanding the scope of Commonwealth legislative power.”


04-Apr-2017 06:56 PM


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And there's this -

One such treaty body is the United Nations Human Rights Committee, which is responsible, among other things, for monitoring States Parties' implementations of their obligations under the International Covenant on Civil and Political Rights (ICCPR). But any assessments such treaty bodies make are of an advisory nature only. They are not binding and the Human Rights Committee has no enforceable legal jurisdiction over nation states which have acceded to the ICCPR or its First Optional Protocol.


09-Apr-2017 04:44 PM

Captain Cook

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and therein lies the problem. The same people, misleading the Norfolk Island populace with false information about the UN being able to over ride Australia and force them to give NI Independence. 

IT WILL NOT HAPPEN. To keep telling people that it will and promising the impossible is fraud.

The amount of money being wasted whilst two people build up their frequent flyer points, and gallivant around London, New York, New Zealand and points between is ridiculous. That money, could be better put to use, doing any of the things that the NIPD claim is under threat - culture perhaps. 

 Meanwhile, the people on Voice of Norfolk going on about cultural appropriation of the people who wore NI woven hats to greet the new Administrator, would do well to remember their own cultural appropriation - Dancing, earth ovens, totem sticks, Councils of Elders recognised only by themselves and their supporters - I could go on.