Bridge Night

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25-Feb-2017 12:53 PM


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It’s any evening at the Planters Club.

After a pleasant evening in the Members Lounge, playing Bridge with Mrs Heeps and Major Winlaw, The Chief and his wife decide to call it a night. They head to the carpark through the Sports Bar.

On the way through the infamous space, they can’t miss seeing Pk’s dishevelled, comatose form, sprawled over the bar, surrounded by a swathe of empty g & t glasses.

A few steps further on, their attention is inescapably drawn to C-K performing on the dance floor. Wearing only boardshorts and a lampshade over his head, he's leading a bevy of local beauties in the wildest Charleston seen on NI since Queen Liz’s 1953 Rawson Hall Coronation Ball, smoking a cheap, pungent stogie, and sloshing g & t all over the floor and other dancers.

Outside, as they continue toward the Bentley, their curiosity is piqued by giggly noises from behind the hibiscus hedge that borders the carpark.

Peering over, they find TSS and Lady Spalding rolling on the lawn, surrounded by a swathe of empty g & t glasses, and well on the way to being Inflagrante delicto.

They quietly seat themselves in their car’s sumptuous leather seats, and set off home.

Halfway to the residence, The Chief remarks

“I should find more for my staff to do…”