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06-Jan-2017 10:10 AM


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The so called Norfolk Island Embassy at Kingston has been a quaint and amusing PR exercise which for a time actually worked, it attracted attention, got the media interested and promoted the NIPD agenda.
But of course, as often happens in these PR exercises, the message gets lost in the medium. The "embassy" has become a victim of its own success. The question now  becomes "how to get out of this hole we've dug without losing face?

The tourists still take photo's of the "embassy" and the chooks and ducks and some have a cuppa and some cake, but then off they go to Ipswich or Cootamundra or Balmain and prattle on to their neighbours about what a mixed up place Norfolk Island is. They go away confused because they get one set of truths from one set of people and another set of truths from those who think differently, and the media couldn't give a toss.

The reality is that all of these tourists live with local government; they all have councils' they all pay rates - that's how it is. They all live in one State/Territory or another and most are apathetic towards the Commonwealth government in Canberra - so tell us something we don't know!  

The "embassy's" 15 minutes of fame has passed. It was a nice idea but its time to move on ... so ... where to from here? What is our exit strategy? The NIPD and Council of Elders have made this all about Gary Hardgrave. Get rid of him and we'll be on the road to salvation, Get rid of him and we can celebrate a win, there's an exit strategy right there. But get this - his replacement will arrive, he or she will be very nice until it becomes time to say no - then the cycle will begin again. Yadda Yadda Yadda

Bring back Democracy, the NIPD mantra,  would suggest that the occupants of the "embassy" would conform to the law, not put themselves above it. So perhaps its time our council reminded them of the planning laws and other laws which are being broken. Over at Emily Bay the campers are paying for the privilege and conforming to the rules. The Commonwealth also has the ability to act but is reluctant it seems. Perhaps the two need to put their heads together and sort it out.

For now,  move on guys you made your point but it's getting a bit pathetic and bringing us down,  so do our island a favor and go home.


07-Jan-2017 02:38 PM


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Hi morepork!

Did you know that Planters Club patroness Lady Spalding and retinue recently visited her loyal subjects at the Tent Embassy?

Reportedly, she took a peek inside one of the tents, and was so overcome by the fecund miasma issuing from within that she quite swooned.


15-Jan-2017 12:53 PM


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I do believe we all know

who the   REAL  victims of this

bloodless-genocide are

morefred ... as per:

WITH all the publicity surrounding the taxpayer-funded trips of Sussan Ley spare a thought for the people of Norfolk Island who, under the watch of this Minister for Health, have seen their fully functioning hospital downgraded to the extent lives are at risk.

Last weekend saw the first death which was obviously related to the hospital downgrade and the slackness of the Australian authorities to arrange a speedy medical evacuation.

Of course no mention is made here in Australia of what is happening on Norfolk Island since the Australian Government's illegal annexation of the island where a form of genocide to wipe out this distinct race of people and their culture has been set in motion with the reduction in medical services forming part of this "plan”.

The abuse of public office by a Minister of the Commonwealth in relation to public money is certainly an issue but overseeing a policy that puts people's lives at risk is criminal.

Both the Health Minister and the Australian Government's administrator, dictator, colonial governor, or whatever "nice” title you care to apply to him, should be held accountable for what has happened to the Norfolk Island Health Service since the takeover.

The Sunshine Coast Daily


The Signifier


16-Jan-2017 08:41 AM


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morefredsmoment of

epiphany as her realizes

he's been outed:

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