Pauline Vs Ahmdiyya Vs Norfolk Island

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07-Dec-2016 07:11 AM

Captain Cook

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Who is in charge of the invites that are being given out to people to come to Norfolk? Clearly there is no cohesion within the NIPD, as on the one hand we have anti-islamic Pauline Hanson appearing on Norfolk (before heading to the Great Barrier Reef and pronouncing it is unaffected by Climate Change). Then we have members of the Ahmadiyya Society of Australia coming to Norfolk. Now, presumably if Pauline knew that NI was also seeking support from the Islamic part of the Australian Community, she would cut ties. (No great loss there)  

However, if we are going to cling to the argument that Australia is chaining Norfolks culture, then I'd consider this as well. The invitation of Pauline Hanson (hate preacher) and the Ahmadiyya Society and then sitting vulnerable children in front of these two groups, is bring all of Australias biggest issues to Norfolk, and allowing Norfolk to be used as a pawn in the conversation. 

A1 & A2 would do well to stop and think about just who exactly they are exposing our community to, before giving open slather to anyone who wants to involve themselves in Norfolks future. There is no such thing as a free lunch from a politician and religious groups have their own motivations as well.  Rest assured that both these parties will come to collect at some point in the future.