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The dead hand of colonialism
3 1219 10-Mar-2021
White-Shoe Brigade
Former Prime Minister Rudd’s swingeing critique of the Morrison gov’ts freshly minted ‘Strategic Policy Update and Force Structure Review’…suggests that the time has come to consider the formation of a ‘United Pacific Confederation’ …which embraces all Pacific Island nations – including Japan…the Secretariat of which could be headquartered on Norfolk Island:
1 1829 03-Jul-2020
White-Shoe Brigade
Here they go again...
3 3301 01-Jul-2020
White-Shoe Brigade
Democracy for Norfolk Island!
2 2670 25-May-2020
White-Shoe Brigade
The Solemn Testament of Lord Fairlie, 7th Earl of Glasgow, GCMG
1 2804 05-Feb-2020
The Signifier...
The dead hand of colonialism
3 2716 04-Feb-2020
The Signifier...
love your wee salan
1 2731 11-Dec-2019
Corinne Parkinson
Garden vandalism
3 4215 29-Jan-2020
Confusing standards.
2 11852 05-Apr-2019
Daniel Williams
Air New Zealand - No Friend of Norfolk Island
2 16857 31-Aug-2018
Daniel Williams
Ms Morton claims Ms Anthony favoured her own interests, had undisclosed conflicts of interest and "misused her position for personal gain":
4 7793 29-May-2018
White-Shoe Brigade
In as much
7 14385 12-Mar-2018
White-Shoe Brigade
prefatory remarks re. 'The Cooperative Commonwealth of Norfolk Island' [A Planetary Healing & Education Precinct]
6 4577 20-Oct-2017
Norman Yoke
re. Eleanor Ainge Roy Wednesday 23 August 2017: "A former chief minister of Norfolk Island is calling on the territory to consider becoming part of New Zealand rather than Australia if it is successful in its United Nations bid for self-determination."
5 5920 30-Aug-2017
British Government's position re Norfolk Island
11 11679 18-Jun-2017
White-Shoe Brigade