Monday, August 22, 2016

Rosie Batty will be visiting Norfolk Island this coming week to open the uneasy conversation our community needs to have around the issue of family violence. As difficult as it is for many of us to accept, we couldn’t possibly be immune, as statistically one in three Australian women will be subjected to some form of physical and/or sexual abuse in their lifetime.


Rosie Batty is actively campaigning to change the legal approach to family violence in Australia. The ‘system’ (as it stands) does little to protect women and their children from the dreadful situation many find themselves in as they attempt to break free from a violent family situation. Speaking recently to the media in Brisbane, Rosie said, “The police have changed significantly in their cultural response to family violence. The judiciary also needs to step up and become part of the solution."


The “Safety First in Family Law” plan she will be urging the people of Norfolk to support, calls for new laws that would prevent the cross-examination of victims by abusers in court, an increase in funding for legal aid services and the provision of mediation with specially trained lawyers and social workers. It is a five-point plan backed by more than 90 organisations that ultimately seeks to remove legal hurdles in the Family Court system that make it hard for vulnerable women to leave dangerous situations.


Rosie will speak openly about her own experience; how she was encouraged by the Family Court to allow her violent former partner access to the 11 year old son they shared, and how that situation ended in tragedy.


Despite her obvious suffering, Rosie has worked tirelessly since then to prevent other families from suffering a similar fate, even launching the Luke Batty Foundation to support women and children affected by the trauma of family violence. She is a warm, witty and inspiring women, justifiably awarded the honour of Australian of the Year in 2015 and we welcome the community to join WAGNI at Rawson Hall on Tuesday, 23rd August at 5:15pm to hear her speak. She is well placed to start the awkward conversation we so desperately need to have here, around the issue of family violence.


For more information please contact Tracey Sweeney 55404 or Eve Semple 54996 or 22636. 


Are you experiencing sexual assault or domestic and family violence? Seeking to support someone who is? For Information and support 24/7 - Call 1800 737 732


To report family violence please contact the Norfolk Island Police on 22222 and the counsellor is available on 23191 or 56400.


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Friday, August 19, 2016

One of the great things we have been seeing lately is the way Norfolk people are coming together, united in a common cause. For the most part, these are people who call Norfolk their home, and they are in a passionate struggle to make sure that it stays that way. One local group, the Council of Elders, with representatives from all the Pitcairn families, is determined to see that Norfolk’s culture is protected, and are taking important steps to ensure that the rights of Norfolk Islanders are respected.

All this takes money, and so a fundraiser was planned. It was decided to hold a Potluck dinner at Rumours, and invite people to come along with food, and just a $5 donation, recognising that many are going through tough times because of the recent changes. Other groups like NIPD, the Tent Embassy, and Hands Up For Democracy and many other supporters pitched in to help with the setting up and organisation. People offered to “sit in” at the tent embassy so the night time regulars could attend the “Potluck.”

What an amazing evening it was. Large numbers of people turned up, bringing food for the tables. We have had a few “Potlucks” lately, and they just get better and better. It is as if people find cooking a good way of expressing their feelings and their community spirit.

The night was rather cold, but there was a lovely fire burning in the fireplace inside, and most of the oldies took advantage of this. Outside, the hedges shielded us from the worst of the cold winds. But the warmth of the company and the camaraderie, plus the hot food, made up for the chill.

Quite a few “locals” living overseas were there, catching up with old friends and relatives. Many were back on Norfolk for Roy’s 80th, and for Gaelene and Rossco’s wedding. What a great opportunity for the to take part in an important community activity, and show their support for the cause in a practical way. Many say it is frustrating living away when they know people at home are hurting, and their island home is being treated poorly.

The raffles were amazing. Very generous prizes had been donated. The first prize, which was $900 of excavator work, was won by a visitor! In a win-win situation, he was able to swap with the winner of a lovely box of vegetables, and everyone was happy. One very popular win was the hamper of groceries, which went to Colleen Crane, who has been very busy feeding people down at the Tent Embassy.

Donald and Andre and their groups provided some great entertainment. Then the Baunti Beauties treated us to a display of their dancing, and a few little ones joined in.
A couple of special visitors were Lesley and Dan, from ITN, who are producing a Norfolk Island segment for the “On Assignment” program. This will be viewed in England in October. The film crew were delighted to have this opportunity to film our community at its very best! It was such a warm and friendly evening, and it had been well worth the effort of coming out on a cold night.

Now you may think that a $5 entry donation would not raise very much money. But it was like the Feeding of the 5000 in more ways than one. Over two days, the Council of Elders received almost $13 000 for their cause.

Thank you to the “Rumours” team for allowing us to enjoy the ambience and comfort of your venue. Thank you to those who gave such generous raffle prizes, and to all who bought tickets and donated moneys.  Thank you to all the great cooks who contributed to the feast. Thank you to the organisers, those who helped set up and clean away. Thank you to the Council of Elders. It is so good to know you are standing up for us in such a positive way. Thank you everyone for giving your best, and making it possible for us to celebrate our beautiful community.

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Friday, August 19, 2016

Norfolk Island is privileged to have many talented local artists.  A few months ago I started to photograph the local Norfolk Island retail stores in town.  Many of these Norfolk Island stores sell items created by the local community craft designers and artist.  There are painters, photographers, weavers, potters and wood workers.  I love the local jewellery along with the many printed shirts and giftware.

A few weeks ago the Bath and Body Soap shop opened in their new store with lovely handcrafted soaps.  Next door is Reflections with a wonderful range of fabrics for handcrafts and quilting.  They also sell a range of my cards which I recreated from some of my favourite photographs.  I enjoy visiting the store to find buttons when I knit for my grandchildren.  I purchase the wool from the craft store in the Village opposite Donna’s store NIOW jewellery which features many items made from local hihi shells.

The Village is another great end of town to visit Aatuti Art with printed fabric, great tee shirts and artist prints and local cards.  Island Nectar has local food items and home-made pickles for a special treat.

If you would like to purchase a traditional Island hat, stop into Island Creations.  The store has a collection of local crafts person work from woodcraft items, local design printed fabrics, pottery, cards and jewellery.

The new “Art & Photo Exhibits Norfolk Island” display in the Hands up for Democracy in town.  This is a must see display.  Local artist, poets and photographers have an outstanding display of their work.  The story of Norfolk Island - 160 years since Pitcairn Islanders settled here and called Norfolk Island home.

One of my favourite art shops to visit is Graham White Art Gallery, next door to the Golden Orb and across the road from the Norfolk Island Liquor Bond.  Graham displays a range of paintings and photographs, which are great gifts for visitors to take home.  He also sells a lovely selection of gifts cards from photographer Louise Donald and my Betty -Norfolk Island photos cards.  Graham also has water colour painting classes and individual lessons.

At the Post Office and P&R Store end of town is the Edge of the World.  The store is mostly open on Saturday.  Inside you will find a collection of photos and artwork and lots of interesting gift ideas.

Around Norfolk Island there are many more artist.  Cyclorama is a must see for all visitors to Norfolk Island.  Tracey and Sue have created the most stunning artwork telling the Bounty and the Pitcairn Islanders story.  The gift shop to filled with many beautifully crafted items from glass, wood, pottery.  There is jewellery, prints and so many outstanding artist work on display.

As you travel around Norfolk Island you can also visit the Pottery at the northern end of the Island, just past Anson Bay near Fisherman’s Lane.  Alison is a very talented artist with lots to see and choose from.

So when you are driving around, shopping in town, or visiting the weekend markets, support the local crafts and artist, they always say it is important to shop locally.

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STOP SIGN ... by Betty Matthews

Friday, August 12, 2016

The new “Stop” sign has replaced the “Give Way” sign on the intersection of Grassy Road, Taylors Road and Ferny Lane.  During the past month the corner has had an increase in traffic flow since the Australian Post Office and the Norfolk Island Post Boxes were moved into their new location at the P&R Store at the beginning of July.2016

The Stop sign is a reminder to all traffic that the extra volume of vehicles and pedestrians in the intersection area has increased, so this now means that all drivers and cyclist need to take care when entering Taylors Road and Ferny Lane.  The intersection also has the Norfolk Island Hospital entrance, the Ferny Lane Movie Theatre and the Centre Petrol Station, these areas also have many vehicles in the same vicinity.

The Traffic regulations for a STOP sign means you must STOP:
A “Stop” sign is eight-sided and has a red background with white letters. 
The rules for a Stop sign means you must come to a complete stop. 
The driver must stop as near as practicable to, but before reaching the stop line.”
Wait until the way is clear before entering the intersection.

Remember to Stop when you see the sign and to always take care when driving or reversing out of the parking areas by the new postal service area.

For more reading about traffic rules check out this internet site.

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Friday, August 05, 2016

A stunning new shop opened in Taylors Road this week.  Check out the photos I took at Norfolk Bath and Body on Saturday, 30th July 2016, at the opening of Megan Fitzpatrick beautiful new store.  When I arrived there were bubbles blowing down the footpath for the children to enjoy.  To celebrate the opening of Norfolk Bath and Body new premises, there were also glasses of bubbles for the customers as well.

Local tradesmen have been busy preparing the shop and what a fantastic job they have completed.  Megan, Emma, along with family and friends have had a busy time moving the merchandise from the old shop across the road to the new location.  During the last few weeks, Megan also restored a lovely old clawed bath tub named “Clyde”.  It was positioned in the middle of the store and what a wonderful centre piece the blue bath looked.

Norfolk Bath and Body has an amazing range of gifts and special treats.  Megan hand makes a delightful range of soaps.  The cakes of soap look good enough to eat and the flowers are so pretty and smell wonderful.  With the extra space, Megan has a great display area for perfumes, hand creams, locally hand-crafted norfolk pine, gift cards, candles plus so much more.  You must visit Megan and Emma to see the amazing range of items on display in their new store.

My favourite is the beautiful Marahlago pale blue jewellery.  Larimar is known as the Caribbean gemstone.  Marahlago is the premier designer and manufacturer of larimar jewellery worldwide and Norfolk Bath and Body are authorised dealer of this beautiful gem stone designer range. 

The shop trading hours are open Monday to Saturday with traditional half day trading on Wednesday and Saturday.

Product range: Home and Fragrance, Body Care, Soaps, Bomb cosmetics, Marahlago, Hipanema and you are welcome to sign up for Norfolk Bath & Body newsletters.
If you are looking for a special gift or would like to spoil yourself visit Norfolk Island’s favourite shop, next door to Reflections.  

I’m sure you will enjoy the shopping experience.

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Friday, August 05, 2016

The countdown to the 2016 Census has begun, with 8 days to go until Norfolk Islanders take part in Australia’s largest peace time operation on Tuesday, 9 August 2016. 

New South Wales Census Director, Liz Bolzan is calling on all Norfolk Islanders to complete their Census form, which will begin arriving at households soon.  
“Local Census Field Officers are now visiting households to deliver Census packs which include: Census letter, the Household form; a Norfolk Island fact sheet and a privacy envelope. Households can refer to the Norfolk Island factsheet to assist them in completing their form, which provides examples of some questions and how they relate to people on Norfolk Island.”

“Instructions for online completion, including a unique login code will be displayed on the front of the form should residents wish to complete their Census via the internet.” 

“The Census form will take approximately 30 minutes to complete per household and must include everyone staying with you on Census night. All information you provide is kept private and secure and ABS cannot and will not ever release your identifiable Census data. For visitors and travellers staying at a hotel, motel, hostel or any other type of accommodation, the service provider will provide you with a Census Pack to complete the Census,” Ms Bolzan said. 

For the first time, Norfolk Island will be included in the Census conducted by the Australian Bureau of Statistics every 5 years,” Ms Bolzan said. In 2011, Norfolk Island had a population of 1,796 people in their last Census.  

“It is important to gain an accurate snapshot of Norfolk Island to help make informed decisions for future planning,” Ms Bolzan said. 

Remember the Census is compulsory. For more information about the Census visit

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CENSUS ... by Carli Christian

Friday, August 05, 2016

The National Census of Population and Housing will be held on August 9th, it is compulsory under law for people to participate in the Census, the Government will also retain personal information for four years up until the year 2020 of the names and addresses of each participant, in the past this information would was deleted after 18 months. 

It is very important to the results that the Census is correctly filled out and this has been shown by example for the people of Norfolk Island and the spelling differences which may be used to spell Norfolk, Norf’k or Norfuk. 

A benefit from The National Census is to collate each Norfolk Islander born on Norfolk Island who may live in Australia (mainland) and this data be collated. It can also be collated as part of the results to show each person from Norfolk Island plus Australia (mainland) who can speak the Norf’k Language. The results will be of huge benefit to the people of Norfolk and for future generations to be recognised, showing who we are and how we are changing and spreading in travels and physical addresses. 

The results will be used available in the first quarter of 2017 however we could not be given an exact time line of when the Norf’k research results may be ready. 

The forms have been delivered to houses on Norfolk Island by Field Officers, the Government Department have employed locals on Island to do this and they have said the experience from employing locals has been wonderful. Around 60% had been dropped around by Wednesday afternoon, if you haven’t received yours yet it will be coming. These Field Officers are also employed to collect the forms, alternatively you can reply pay an envelope and drop to the new Post Office located at P & R Grocers. Another alternative is to complete the form online and submit it directly. 

What is a Census and why is it important: It is the largest collection of information about Australia’s population; Has been held officially since 1911; Held unofficially between 1828 – 1911; Held once every five years; Counts all people in the country in one night; This year will include 24 million people in 10 million homes; This year is the 17th National Census of Population and Housing; Will be held on 9th August 2016; Main reason to provide a insight to the country’s population and guide taxpayers spending; Helps with Government distribution of funding and service planning for a wide range of sectors (very important for Norfolk data); Helped guide heath research; Also helps set electoral boundaries; This information was sourced from ABC & Daily Mail

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TENT CITY UPDATE ... by Mary Christian Bailey

Friday, July 29, 2016

This week marked the three month anniversary of our Tent Embassy.How the time has flown!

Our supporters are as strong and determined as ever, and we continue welcome many tourist visitors each week.

We decided to hold a special celebration for our 3 month birthday on Wednesday evening, and lots of people came along bearing scrumptious dishes of food. This was supplemented by fish and chips cooked by Ernie. We finished the evening with a cake, cooked by Chris and Louise Harkness,  iced with the Norfolk flag design.


Mary  (yours truly) was given the honour of cutting the cake, because this week she was celebrating 50 years since she first arrived on Norfolk Island! Louise and Chris had also organised a wonderful certificate (all in fun!) for Mary to mark the occasion. Thank you so much everyone. It is lovely to live in such an inclusive and welcoming community.


A special visitor on Wednesday evening was Ben Howard, who came and joined us along with his wife Karen. Now Ben is the grandson of the late Alice and Ed Howard. Ben spent many childhood holidays on Norfolk Island staying with Alice and Ed out at Rainbow’s End. During this visit they are staying at Endeavour Lodge, which is on the old family property. Everyone was really pleased to meet up with Ben, and we all told him how much we admired his grandfather, who did so much for the people of Norfolk Island while he lived here.  Ben reminded us that Ed had died 20 years ago, but I think he was pleased to discover that his grandfather still has such a warm place in our hearts.

The weather was a little trying one night during the week, when the rain blew sideways into our kitchen area, and there were big puddles beneath our boardwalk and part of the dining tent. But it soon cleared away. Generally we are very warm and comfortable....and extremely well fed. Come and check it out for yourself!

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Friday, July 29, 2016

My favourite takeaway on Norfolk Island is the fresh food at “Little Singapore”.  Simon and Tina Lee and their daughter Denise are not only busy with takeaways meals they start early each morning serving food all day long.  The “Little Singapore Café and Takeaway” is open from 8am to 8pm Monday to Saturday serving delicious meals and baking treats along with one of the best cups of coffee on Norfolk Island.

The Smoko, Brunch and Lunch menu is served to 4pm.  If you need a cuppa, you can get a coffee between 8am and 5pm.  The Dinner meal is served from 4pm to 8pm.  Order a takeaway for a sunset dinner or dine in.  The dining area has a great view across the surrounding Norfolk Island hills.  I like the miniature models from Singapore and the clocks on the wall are set to many international time zones.  The walls are filled with many creative quotes and artwork.

This friendly family business is on Taylors Road in the Strands Arcade across the road from Pete’s Place.  They have been in this busy kitchen for over two years.  Previous to these premises they were located in New Cascade Road at the restaurant “A Taste of Asia”

The Lee family moved to Norfolk Island about eight years ago.  I think we are very lucky to be able to enjoy the great food delights on the menu at “Little Singapore”.
Next time you feel hungry; I highly recommend you call in an enjoy some fresh Norfolk Island scrumptious food.  Bookings are not essential.  To pre- order call 22426 and the Lee family will prepare a great meal for you to enjoy.

Check out the Facebook page:

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NORFOLK ISLAND ... by Andrew McNiven

Friday, July 29, 2016

My excuse for missing the last meeting was that I was offshore – enjoying some R&R on Norfolk Island. What some of you may not be aware of is that from 1 July 2016 the Australian Government (mainland) taxation, social security, immigration, biosecurity, customs and health arrangements extend to Norfolk Island and the island is now governed from Australia with a Norfolk Island Regional Council (NIRC) being elected.

The state government of New South Wales will provide some government services – such as for school education and health services and advice about financial services for NIRC.

New Zealanders who reside on the island are covered in legislation on the same terms as if they resided on mainland Australia.

For federal elections Norfolk Islanders will have a single electorate in the Australian Capital Territory (ACT).

At the last census in 2011 the total population (excluding tourists) was 1796, 80% are Australian citizens and 13% hold New Zealand citizenship. 38% are descendants of the Pitcairn Islanders who settled on Norfolk Island in 1856.

For stamp collectors and postal historians the change has been notable – the building that housed the Norfolk Island Philatelic Bureau, Post Office as well as the private boxes and sorting centre – shown left – was “empty” the week we were there. An Australia Post mailbox showing cleared Mon – Fri without any time was affixed to the wall outside the building.

The Post Office had shifted to the small supermarket across and down the road, shown above right which has two counter positions and a range of product display – along with the private boxes accessible from the left-hand door. A posting box (also without time of clearance) is attached to the wall.

I saw a total of four Australia Post mailboxes in my travels around Norfolk Island – the other two being – one at the entrance to the shopping mall and the other being at the entrance to the airport.

For other photos and a write-up on the former Post Office & Philatelic Sales Office – go to
The Philatelic Bureau on Norfolk Island has ceased to exist. In their last communication with collectors on 3 June - they issued a list of what stamps were still available and advised that these could be ordered up until 31 December 2016. 

The last stamp issued was released on 7 June 2016 – a day prior to the 160th anniversary of the landing of the Pitcainers on Norfolk Island. The $5 stamp sheet depicts a photograph looking down to Kingston Pier their point of arrival in 1856. The selvage features a ledger book that John Buffett found in the store house the day he and other Pitcairners arrived on Norfolk Island, and he used it as a diary.

4,500 sheets and 500 FDC’s were printed by Southern Colour Print, Dunedin. 

With Norfolk Island stamps not being valid for postage from 1 July 2016, The Australian Postal Corporation Act 1989 applies and the administration took over the responsibility for the administration of its postal system including the development and production of its stamps. The inscription on the stamps will be shown as Norfolk Island, Australia with these stamps being valid for use in Australia as well as on Norfolk Island. Likewise Australian stamps will be valid for use on Norfolk Island.

The first issue for Norfolk Island, which won’t be released until September will feature its fantastic birdlife with "2 iconic birds" of the island - the Red-tailed tropicbird and the masked booby. The subject was suggested by an organisation called Parks Australia. Why the Norfolk Island Regional Council and Norfolk Islanders themselves were not allowed to choose the subjects for the stamps on which the name of their home is printed, and why Australia Post didn’t have the issue ready for 1 July – I don’t know.

Six scenic postage paid postcards were also being released (at $2.20 per postcard) featuring the views of – Cemetery Bay, Emily Bay, Kingston, Quality Row, Royal Engineers Office and St Barnabas Chapel.

Norfolk Island stamps are sought after by many within the philatelic world, and the territory has a long established and active participation in the collector market.
Tasmanian stamps were used on Norfolk Island from 1853 until 1856, but after the abandonment of the convict settlement and the transfer of the Pitcairn Islanders in 1856, postal services were practically non-existent on the Island for the next 40 years, although New South Wales stamps were used from 1877 until the early 1880's.

The first recorded use of Norfolk Islands own distinctive post marker occurred on 13th March 1891 but there was little opportunity for it to be used, as postage stamps were not available for purchase on the Island. The situation improved around 1898 when NSW stamps were placed on sale and this continued on until 1913 when they were supplanted by the first Commonwealth issue the Kangaroo series of 1913. 

About 1923, the first of the unsuccessful efforts was made to obtain distinctive postage stamps for Norfolk Island, but the issue lapsed until 1937 when Norfolk Island secured final approval to have distinctive postage stamps in late 1939. The stamps were printed by the Note Printing Branch in Australia in 1940, but because of wartime conditions the issue did not proceed. 

In 1947 authorisation for the destruction of the printed stock was completed but some were stolen before Destruction was completed and these subsequently reached the philatelic market. They are readily distinguishable as they are perf 11 while the initial issue of 1947 was perf 14. 

During most of the period of World War II Norfolk Island was garrisoned by New Zealand Army and Airforce units which established their own postal service.
Norfolk Island assumed full control of its postal affairs along with the first issue of Norfolk Island stamps on 10 June 1947. Since then the territory has had complete control and responsibility for its stamp issues. Designs are predominantly of island interest and include convict heritage, pitcairn heritage, tourism, local fauna and flora and special events. A small selection is shown below, reproduced from -

While looking at the Norfolk Islands Philatelic Bureau website - I was surprised to find that their 2015 Christmas in July issue featured two New Zealand singers – John Rowles (.25c) and Suzanne Prentice (.35c)

In May 2014 the 20th Trans-Tasman set of Entertainer of the Year features on the $1.65 stamp Kiwi Dennis Marsh winner of 8 Gold and 2 Platinum Awards.  

In addition New Zealand Freestyle Motorcross riders Joe McNaughton and Callum Shaw feature on a set of four 2013 stamps issued to commemorate the Trans Tasman Challenge hosted by the Norfolk Island Junior Rugby League (whos logo appears in the top left hand corner of the issue.

The 70th Anniversary set of Aircraft Landing on Norfolk Island feature several NZ carrier aircraft  - 
Top row 1st stamp – RNZAF Hudson Bomber – was the first aircraft to land on the island on Christmas Day 1942. 
Top row 2nd stamp – Douglas DC3 the first regular weekly aircraft from New Zealand beginning on 2 November 1947.
Top row 5th stamp – Focker F27 Friendship which Air NZ flew regularly to the island. 
2nd row  6th stamp – A320 Airbus – the current Air NZ aircraft servicing Norfolk with flights from Auckland, 
Brisbane & Sydney.
And with the Rio Olympic Games having commenced by the time you get this newsletter – who was New Zealand’s first Olympic Gold medal winner? Well the answer is below – Malcolm Eadie Champion who was born on Norfolk Island as part of the Australasian 4 x 200 metre freestyle relay swim team at the 1912 Stockholm Olympics.

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