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Invitation - Tourism Industry Gathering

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Mayor's Update - Keeping the Community Informed

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Documents on Public Exhibition

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Overview of Council Meeting

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Norfolk Telecom Internet Outage

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How Can you communicate with Council?

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Community Grants Program

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The Norfolk Island Flora & Fauna Society

" The Norfolk Island Flora & Fauna Society provides logistical support for researchers improving the knowledge of the Norfolk Island biota.  . Last year very useful information about the negative affects of rat predation on the island's Robin population resulted from a 3-month study of Robin nest sites in the National Park. 

A new research project is about to start, undertaken by Alexandra Nance, a PhD candidate,  from Monash University. Allie has asked if there might be anyone in the community who might enjoy supporting her study by spending a quiet half hour from time to time in the forest, and has sent the attached request to be circulated in the community. 

Until she has her own phone number, please contact Margaret Christian on Phone 50901 if you would like to support this research. Thank you"

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Call for Field Volunteers

Do you enjoy birding and have some time to share? Allie Nance is a PhD student at Monash University in Victoria, Aus, looking for volunteers to help collect data for her field study on the breeding ecology of Norfolk Island perching birds. The project will be taking place through the months of October, November and December of 2018.

What you would be doing as a volunteer:
- Walking through various areas of Norfolk Island National Park to pre-identified nests of either the Scarlet Robin, Golden Whistler (Tamey), Grey Fantail, Grey Gerygone or Long-billed White-eye
- Monitoring individual nests for 30-minute periods
- Collecting information during monitoring such as arrival and departure times of males and females, time spent feeding and time spent sitting on the nest (incubating eggs or brooding chicks)

Time commitment needed from each volunteer:
- Brief training in study procedures before any new nest checks (this will probably take 5-10 mins directly before you complete a nest check)
- You will need to be available for a minimum of 1 hour after arriving at NI National Park – this hour will be taken up by any necessary training, walking to nests, settling time before monitoring, 30-min monitoring, then either walking back to the meeting point or to the next nest
- We will be completing nest checks in the National Park most days over the three-month period anytime between 7am and 5pm. You are free to elect any times and days that suit you, and the number of nest checks you would like to complete (your efforts are deeply appreciated, whether you do 1 nest check or 10!)

Skills necessary for this field work:
- Ability to passively monitor (i.e. sitting and watching) a nest for a consecutive 30-minute period, and fill in data sheets as data is collected
- Ability to effectively use stopwatches to time behavioural events
- Ability to safely traverse forested areas to get to nests
- Ability to locate nests from maps and orientational instructions/directions
- Binoculars are not compulsory but may make the job easier!

The data that you will help collect for this study will provide much-needed information on the breeding ecology of Norfolk Island’s endemic perching birds. If this project interests you or you have any questions whatsoever, please feel free to contact Allie by email at She will be arriving on Norfolk Island on the 25th of September and will be contactable on a Norfolk phone number soon after. Thank you for your time and consideration

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Norfolk Island Fitness and Health News

WHAT'S HAPPENING NOW? ... Our 8 WEEK BODY BLITZ PROGRAM ... Want to drop a size?

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WHAT'S COMING? ... Our NEW GROUP EXERCISE CLASS "Pump It" ... Monday night at 5:15pm

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                        "Fit is the new rich and Healthy is the new wealthy."

                                    All enquiries to 52809 or 57989.

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